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Ingvild Telle  Journalist with a camera (Nikon d610). I write about nature, eco, design, urbanism and travels.

05:00 am fishing adventure with @katemoloney and my new 90s #marinbike 👌🏻

Release party @torgny_

Still going strong!!! Sola er kommet - kom du og!!!!!

This might look like a meditative moment...but rather it is me starving in front of the pots, trying to make the food cook faster by staring at it 👀🙏🏻👀

Camp site 👊🏻

Vær hilset vårskogen. Du er så gyllen og fin ✌🏻

Just a colorfull caracter we met at Gørjahytta 👊🏻

Gigantic anthill at Elneshøgda. We also saw lots and lots of tracings of moose, but never encountered any. 🌲🐾🌲

This weekend me and @torkjellmjensen hiked from Stryken in Oppland and back to Oslo 👊🏻 It feels GREAT starting the no-snow-season again 🙌🏻 What you see here is Liggeren farm in front of the lake Øyungen. 🌲🌲🌲

I call this: Kraftlinje i det fjerne ⚡️

Edelstener. Gems. 💎🔬

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