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Ingvild Telle  Journalist with a camera (Nikon d610). I write about nature, eco, design, urbanism and travels.

Heading out to Kjølen in Sørvika. Did i mention we saw a mother grouse (rype) with seven (!) babies on our way up? They were so frickin cute and almost invisible in the terrain. All of a sudden they were right in front of us 😍

Had a really nice hike from Sørvika to Kjølen (478moh). In stead of taking the quickest way up, follow the path towards Munkebu. When you get to a high point you will see this blade sticking out. From there you head out to Kjølen, and from the tip of Kjølen, you can find your way back down. A Perfect little round trip 👌🏻

Hello Reine ✌🏻😁✌🏻

If you are in Lofoten today, you should head over to Henningsvær and the supercool @trevarefabrikken where they from today have the music festival @trevarefest 🍹🌴🎺 Either way or day, you should visit this urban oasis. Have a great coffee and a chat with the nice people who have started this place.

New favourite word: Stoccafisso 😁Thats dryfish in italian. Allore!

Obligatorisk (as we say) picture on the way up to Ryten (543moh). At the top we were totally surrounded by fog 🌫

Hobbit house nr 2 at Kvalvika beach in Lofoten. I am not sure who constructed this one, but it sure has charm 🍄

A lonely leg in Lofoten 🤔 I am so happy to see that picking plastic has become, not just a trend, but a normal thing to do. Everything helps 👏🏻

Ok, totally dig this: In 2011 surfers @iwegge and Jørn Ranum decided to stay on this beach a whole winter. They built their own little hobbit house between some large rocks out of driftwood and other materials that washed up on the shore. During the winter they pretty much cleared the 700 meter long beach of trash, plastic and general waste. In total 3000 kilos! Thats insane! So determined! You can learn more about the tale over at

Glooming green pastures and flaming tents. My eyes, my eyes!

If there is one thing I collect, it is happy places. Kvalvika beach is one of these places. One hour hike, and you find your self on, not only one, but two secluded beaches. Im positive this would be your happy place too!!

Last summer me and @torkjellmjensen biked the coastline and archipelago of Helgeland. This year we “upgraded” to a rental car and gazed our way through the wonderful Lofoten. All the way from Harstad to Å. There is just so much to see. So many mountains to hike. So many beaches. Sooo many things you just don't get the time to do. Ah!

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