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Ingrid Nilsen  Curious mind. Adventurous heart. ❤ ⬇️ Watch my newest video! ⬇️

Home is where this little rascal tries to jump on the bed! That face is hard to resist 😇

Yes, this is me just out of the shower taking a selfie. Never thought that would be a thing, but here we are! 😎 One of my favorite things to do before I get dressed is spritz the @freshbeauty Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water all over my face. This is my go-to for an instant glow and the citrus scent helps me wake up on mornings when I’m struggling. P.S. I’ve kept this in my fridge for the last month and it’s amazing for cooling off in this summer heat! #PowerYourGlow #ad ☀️✨🍊🍋

My favorite little fluff ball 🐶❤️

Feeling sweaty, stretched, and re-centered after a long yoga session today. I find that getting out of my head and onto the mat always helps when I’m feeling down, even if it’s just a little bit. Also, a side note: I’ve been on a personal body hair journey over the last year and a half. I hate that women are told that they need to have hairless bodies in order to be beautiful/socially acceptable. So many of us (myself included) have been conditioned to hate this natural part of ourselves. I’m not in a place where I can say I LOVE my body hair, but I have found more moments of acceptance and I’m grateful for that. Honestly, I go through phases of shaving, not shaving, waxing and not waxing. I’ve been curious to explore what my hair feels like at all lengths in all places on my body. Right now, I’ve just started another “not shaving/waxing phase”... so my underarm stubble says hello 👋

Flower power 🌸🌹🌼🌻

Moving across the country has been such a rollercoaster experience! One thing that has really helped me adjust to NYC and the different climate is maintaining my skincare routine. It's changed a little since being here, but one thing that's stayed the same is my love for the @muradskincare Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil. It has vitamins A through F in it and if you know your skincare ABC's, you know this is a big deal. After using this oil for several months, I've noticed that my skin feels bright and balanced. Plus, it's non-comedegenic so it won't clog pores (which is great news, especially for oily skin people like me)! Next time you're browsing @sephora, definitely check this out! #muradskincare

The movers finally arrived! This is my life right now: surrounded by boxes and slowly making some progress in the unpacking department. Tbh it’s probably going to take at least a few weeks to get organized but I’m taking it all one step at a time. 📦📦📦

Aside from getting carsick a few days ago, I think Tayto is loving the east coast! My mom is holding him in this pic and calls him her “granimal” 😂🐶💕

🎶They see me (lobster) rollin’...🎶😏

Feels amazing/surreal to call this city home. ❤️ Also, doesn’t that cloud look like the Glossier G?!?!

Social media (Instagram especially) has become more about sharing *created* moments over *actual* moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love magazine quality photos but when highly edited photos become the norm I’m seeing every day it makes me feel terrible. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough. It makes me look in the mirror and think, “What’s WRONG with me? Why doesn’t my experience look that perfect?” I’m sure some of you have maybe even felt that way about my posts in the past. This year, I made a conscious decision to share more actual moments: photos that are a reflection of my life experience. I didn’t want to look through my Instagram and not see parts of my life anymore. I’m tired of the highlight reel. I just want a reel of varied moments and that’s what I’ve done. I’m proud to say that the vast majority of photos I’ve posted this year have been taken on an iPhone, portray ups and downs, and show me with and without makeup. Even though my likes, comments, etc. might be down right now, I have never felt better about what I’m sharing here. There are plenty of places for highlight reels on the internet and I appreciate them for what they provide, but that’s not what I want to give anymore. I want to share pieces of what life looks like. I don’t want to obsess over making my posts “perfect” because it’s exhausting, unattainable and I’d rather spend my time LIVING. Life looks different for all of us and that’s part of the beauty. For me, life looked like a Twitter t-shirt, baggy shorts, cactus socks and pimple cream last night... and it was pretty damn great. 🙌 For transparency: I sometimes use filters from VSCO but I never alter any of my physical features or backgrounds in photos that are mine. Sometimes I may post photos taken by photographers for special occasions/events, but those posts are in the minority. In those cases, the photographer may choose to retouch the photo which is often out of my control. If I post it, that means there is little to no retouching. For sponsored posts it varies: a lot are taken on my iPhone and some are taken by a photographer. Every branded post is disclosed with the appropriate hashtags + IG partnership disclaimer tools.

Tayto aka the PUDDLE MONSTER can’t be tamed! He is literally pulling me and trying to get into a puddle in this pic! 😂

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