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def- worthless  ignominious~ deserving or causing public disgrace and shame

Trying bot to cut every day
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
I succeed for a little
But then I cut again
And again
And again
And again..

My m and ms..
I'm tired of faking and I want to
Because I'm so fat
And I'm ugly
Please let me die

Today I had a funeral to attend.. My whole fam was there, my grandma looked through me. No hi. No hug, nothing.
She gave my cousin a big embrace in front of me and said hi to them, she said nothing to me.. I'm nothing..

join the fun ?

Can't I be okay?

sometimes my tears escape my eyes

the hollowness of my tears escape

they desire to join my leg

to be apart of a movement

one swift touch and my tears explode

and the feeling is wonderous

that wonderful aching.

the coldness felt

the scars fading

something must be done

a cold sharpness swept upon it

a small warmth, a trickle.. beauty forming, perfection beginning

another and another

til my collection was full..

So sad and true..
I've been up for 4 hours playing sims!
It's 3:00 am whoops...

Quoted from "One Good Deed A Day" I guess it's a good deed to die?

Where is my hookah pen!!!
I ordered it and I need it now it's such a stress reliever!!
Ugh I need to cut...
If I had the pen I wouldn't cut..

Words of wisdom I guess... I can't ignore it but ugh.... I hate dragging ppl into stuff.., sorry..

So I just cut...
I'm at my friends house in Long Island and I'm so happy I bought my razor..
All my blades got rusted! (Tried hiding them in my bottle which had a bit of sun in 😤)
Anyways I cut on my leg and it wouldn't stop bleeding but I didn't care cuz it felt bad and amazing..
I found a 100 pack of blades at walmart for 6$ but why do I need 100?
And even if I buy it where do I hide it?!...
I feel like I need to cut again and I had a dream that I got some drugs.. It was amazing I got to forget about everything in life..

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