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Christian Ingerslev 

Good morning Charlotte

Good morning Los Angeles

Fantastic exhibit, Joel Sartore’s quest to document all animal species under human care in the world. Thought provoking, humbling.


First week back at the office since the fires. Driving through these hills, the air is heavy and solemn. The earth is in mourning, I can really feel it.
In the face of this, community bonding is clearly evident, the thank you signs are everywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The dramatic plume is replaced by an enveloping haze today, can only imagine how it is closer to the blazes. Little wind today, which was good, but pick up coming again tomorrow. #weneedrain

Nature’s fury at it again. If everyone can please do a rain dance, and will the wind to stop, that would be much appreciated. Many of my work colleagues have been evacuated from their homes.

Thank you America

Hard to overstate today’s significance. Alternating waves of optimism and scared shitism running through me. Please, America, do the right thing today.

Beauty in the skies this week continues

Beautiful sunset last night.

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