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AYAHAY Foundation  Strengthening Nigerian communities through positive change transformation

We believe that ‘hygiene’ is 2/3rds of health. This is because, whichever way we choose to look at it, hygiene is an important part of living. “Cleanliness, is next to Godliness.” This is why, today, the Ayahay Foundation donated 25 Hygiene Kits to 25 Women in an Abuja IDP Camp.

We did this because when these women have everything that they need to live clean and sanitary lives, they can better care for their families, and ensure that these families also practice safe sanitation methods.
#Healthmatters #Hygiene #AyahayFoundation

Human rights is a universal right. Freedom is a universal right. Trafficking is a barbaric act that we must all condemn. And slavery, and the modern day slave trade in Libya, is a human rights violation that the world must speak up and speak out against.

We cannot continue to look on and sit back while our fellow Africans are being treated as sub-human beings. We will not accept in silence the images we are seeing of our fellow human beings being beaten, stabbed, and abused like animals.

Our leaders must speak out. We, as citizens, as humans, as brothers and sisters, as father and mothers, and as people with a conscience must make all the noise that we must until our government, and all governments across the continent take drastic action to end this modern day slave trade.

At #AyahayFoundation we say #NoToSlavery. What do you say?

Today, Ayahay Foundation joins the world in saying no to #ViolenceAgainstWomen.
As citizens of the world, we believe and uphold the tenets of decency and the right of all women and girls to live lives that are free of violence, yet full of opportunities.
We unite under the banner of the significance of today to play our own part in putting an end to gender-based violence in all its forms. As we do this, we pledge to “Leave no one behind” and ask for the commitment of everyone, both female and male, to join this advocacy campaign from now until the 10th December, which is Human Rights Day.

#PayItForward “One good deed might not seem like much, but if everyone did something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness can spark us to become better people.” Today, the #Ayahay10 started their #PayItForward campaign!

The aim of the campaign is to share their skills from their attendance at Hudayya School — which was facilitated by a scholarship from Ayahay Foundation — to women in IDP camps.

Paying it Forward means that the #Ayahay10 are going to be passing on the good deed to these women by teaching them basic and necessary skills in sewing, stitching, pattern making and clothing design that they too can use to survive and eventually thrive.
Go girls!

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Dante once said: “From the little spark, may burst the tiny flame.” He was right!
Just over a month ago, we wrapped up our first #Ayahay10 program, with 10 young women, from 10 diverse backgrounds, who had 10 inspiring stories that set them apart from the hundreds of applicants who submitted requests to join the program.

Today, we are proud of the work of these young women, as they have set out to contribute their own quotas by #PayingItForward. A case in point is @blinxbytm_official, who has started lighting new fires in the world with her own flame — by teaching pattern-making to her own students.

It’s hard to believe that that the training that started just a few months at the Hudayya school is starting to leave its own impact in the lives of many Nigerians.

As we continue to light little candles through our skills acquisition and empowerment programs, we will also continue to encourage a culture of giving back, touching new lives, and impacting people.

Opportunities often do not come gift-wrapped. People have to work for them and earn them — just like @mirabelle_designs one of the #Ayahay10, who has been called upon by @hudayya,to serve as an intern.

When she first started the Ayahay Foundation program at the Hudayya School of Fashion, I know that she took some time to adjust to the rigors of the classroom. However, she kept at it. Honed her craft, and kept moving forward.

Today, we celebrate her drive, her passion for fashion, her remarkable gift to bring clothing items alive using sketches, and her story — which is a remarkable one perseverance and raw unbridled talent.

It was great to be in El-Amin secondary school, Minna last week to check-in on Musa and Habib, as they begin SS1. Three years ago, when we first started sponsoring their education, we saw an uncommon commitment to education; an unbridled zeal to learn; and an enthusiasm to better themselves, in order to positively impact their communities and families.

As they continue on with their studies, I wish them nothing but blessings and grace in all their endeavours.

From celebrating our children in Adamawa, today, we are jumping to Federal Government College, Sokoto, where we have several of our students who have also started Senior Secondary School.

Many people will consider this a significant feat because when these children first came into our care three years ago, the only thing we had was a belief that if young people are given an opportunity, they can become young fires that can light up the world.

So, today, we celebrate them. The more we do this, we pray that there will be more to celebrate in the days to come.

Despite all odds and the unique challenges of their turbulent environment, today, Ayahay Foundation is thrilled to celebrate the children from our IDP Camp School in Malkohi, Adamawa State.

These children have collectively and individually been able to overcome the obstacles that could have served as impediments to their progress and are now all moving on to primary school to further the education.

Needless to say — for many of these pupils and their families — it has not been easy. Haven been uprooted from their lives by the Boko Haram menace, they have struggled to maintain a degree of normalcy in their classrooms by learning how to read and write, and do their basic maths.

As they transition into the next phase of their education, we applaud them and wish them  #Greatness, #Focus and #Growth in all that they do!

#Repost from @abangmercy with @regram.app ... As the world marks day of the girl -child .. I WROTE THIS FOR THIS DAY!!! Find time to read.......... "Going back to school frightens me, I don't want to be killed"...... Read the compelling story of a 12 year old in #Borno..and the amazing work done by @msaugie across the country for displaced children. Do have in mind that an estimated %60 of the schools in Borno State are still shut... Nigeria accounts for more out of school children and #BokoHaram has so far forced more girls like Bintu out.. She now moves from one motorpark to another marketing her wares.. Her life is in danger, here's one girl that loved schooling before now.. More work needs to be done. .. #DayoftheGirl #sdgs #DevelòpmentJournalism #education #Nigeria #outofschoolchildren #unicef #undp #onecampaign #africa #maiduguri #Yobe #NothernNigeria #LeaveNoOneBehind

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