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:) reagan ☀️  2015; when kpop stole my heart 💘 Multifandom❣️ I hope you have an amazing day today!:)

so guys, i got my hair cut about an hour ago & i got bangs:))) i’m so excited!! i actually really like them.

this is good man 😂

i recently started watching School 2017 & i love it so much. haha. also, i’m thinking i’m gonna get a haircut like Kim Se-jeong’s. i am also planning to dye all of my hair blue:)) 🤞🏼💙

happy birthday hoony! i pray you have an amazing day!!! 💕💕🎉🎊 #hbd #hoony #winner

happy birthday love :) ❤️❤️🎊🎉🎈 #jb #got7 #hbd

let’s love a lot more this year ❤️

Happy New Year!!! 🎆🎈🎊

Happy birthday Taehyungie ❤️❤️❤️ #taehyung #v #bts

Merry CHRISTmas y’all!! I pray y’all have an amazing day or had an amazing day!! I love y’all so much!! God bless!!:)) remember what this day is actually about y’all :) the most important gift of all. ✝️❤️

Here’s a picture I hope makes you smile or laugh :) #suga #kpop #bts #kpopmemes #haha #laugh #yoongi #yeonkimin

This was really hard to post. This is such sad news. It really makes my heart heavy and puts me to tears. Jonghyun, has committed suicide. Our precious little talented angel has sadly passed away. To all the shawols I feel your pain, as I am one, and it’s okay to cry today. This is a very sad and hurting thing. I woke up hearing this news and it was definitely not what I expected to hear when I first woke up. What really hurts and is so scary, is that I didn’t even know he was going through anything. I didn’t know he was feeling pain and not doing well. It really saddens my heart and makes me wish I would’ve done something. But really, what could I have done? In reality none of us could’ve done anything. This was something he personally was going through. And I am so sorry he was going through something that would make him not want to live anymore. To conclude this, even if you don’t know if your friends or family are going through something, if they seem like the happiest people (like Jonghyun) you should ALWAYS tell them you love them, you care about them, and you’re thinking about them. Sometimes those words mean more than anything to them. Please, if you think of someone today call them, tell them you love them and you’re thinking about them and you hope they are doing well. It really makes an impact.
To everyone reading this right now, I love you so much. I don’t care who you are, you are loved. Even if you don’t believe in God, God and Jesus love you no matter how many mistakes you make. They will never leave you nor forsake you. I swear. & to fellow members of SHINee, we are deeply sorry and we are mourning right with you. Stay strong SHINee. We will always be with you. We love you so much!
#Jonghyun #Shinee #Shawols #Kpop #RIP #Restinpeace

LOL 😂😂😂😂😂 #suga #kpop #kpopmemes #frozen

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