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Infinity Designs  Top quality decals, unbeatable prices! Die cut, clothing, etc. & tons of random photos of my dogs & life 🐾

Need to come up with $ ASAP since my wallet was stolen so doing deals on EVERYTHING! Here are samples of my work. Due to people, even long time customers not paying me, for custom requests you must pay first. I can’t waste vinyl and time to get screwed over so nothing against anyone. I accept Paypal or you if u don’t like paypal u can get a free prepaid bluebird card from Walmart and load money on that & pay that way also! You can come hang out while I make it too if I know you and u aren’t local and want to pay cash. Pricing varies but custom decals/shirts are $5&up! I’m ONLY lowering pricing to make money faster and using vinyl I have on hand. So FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! I’m in Wolcott, waterbury, Cheshire, north haven areas daily so you can pick up or I ship for free anywhere in the US! if you want to see more of my work DM me & I’ll send u the fb links if u can’t find my pages! #decals #topquality #acura #honda #jdm #decal #nursery #wallquotes #vinyl #butterflies #stickers #canvases #babyshowerideas #football

Since my wallet was stolen, selling off already made decals left over from car shows, stock, and things people never picked up! I will sort and organize the bin of them by “type” but ANYTHING in the bin is 4/$10. Also did the heart, quote, & butterflies for a nursery but was never paid for etc which I made months ago if anyone wants it as a set, $40 for all of them that you see! Or I will sell individually as well. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! I’m in Wolcott, waterbury, Cheshire, north haven areas daily so you can pick up or I accept PayPal & ship for free anywhere in the US! & I’m also taking custom requests see my other post for details or DM me I can do shirts, canvases, etc as well! if you want to see more of my work DM me & I’ll send u the fb links if u can’t find my pages! #decals #topquality #acura #honda #jdm #decal #nursery #wallquotes #vinyl #butterflies #stickers

Lately I’ve been using this page to post all my personal stuff and not so much business related things because mainly my place was being renovated! However, I’ve decided to turn this page back into a business page just to display my work & made a new IG for my personal which is private! So add the new one - @missdc5.xo if u wanna see my adorable dogs & daughter, car things, & other new beginnings💙 I tried to search friends but idk half of your guys names on IG 😂
So here’s a custom windshield banner in oil slick that I did for my friends Acura TL - doing deals on windshield banners $10& up! DM me

What is done in the dark always comes to light. I couldn’t have asked for a better person in @dc5.xo, he literally dropped everything the past few weeks and spent hours upon hours bringing her back to life. You’re the best 💙

I just can’t get enough snuggles and love 💕 I’ve never been so heartbroken and also happy at the same time... I just wish I could move back home & have my loves with me cuz they’re all my number 1 and complete me 💙 #pitbull #bluenose #snuggletime #love

Someone is obsessed with her toes! #daughter #love

Not the best photos but finally completed and yes it’s messy cuz I have to move everything back in! It’s completely different! Few knew, but they aren’t allowing my dog back so my lawyer has been on it and I’m doing what I can and it really sucks.. but I’m not giving my dog up; she saved my life that day and put herself in harms way so me and my daughter could get away safely and hasn’t left my side since! She’s family! Anyways, hoping my plan will work itself out.. but here’s to new beginnings & also another one not involving the condo but it’s a total secret and amazing 💙 assume whatcha want ;)

Oh hey I have appliances now :) the first fridge, the door didn’t open because of the wall 😂 but seriously these guys are amazing & now all that’s left is the carpeting and a few small things! It’s crazy how 2 months ago today my life completely changed n I had no idea what would happen etc and fast forward to now - today is the same day everything will be COMPLETED and I’ve also been able to find happiness in life.. everything truly happens for a reason!! Just hoping everything else all works itself out so I can be home all together with the ones i love most💙

Not finished yet but getting there... its crazy how different it is it’s like I’m moving into a new damn house I’m in loveeeee ❤️ just can’t wait to move back home and be happy 😊

I could post some shit about how I never thought I’d be 30 and a single mom raising a kid on my own and blah blah blah but babygirl is 4 months today and I haven’t slept since idk when but we’re learning around animals and she makes me smile 💙 #everythinghappensforareason

As much as I want to give up at times, I’m staying strong and dealing with every damn thing one at a time! & i couldn’t be more thankful those that’ve been there for me and helped through all of this xo #everythinghappensforareason #staystrong #nevergivingup

Because... pit bulls are the most loyal, loving, and funniest dogs ever💕 @rach_brodaigas @pitbullzlover #pitbulls #pitbullsofinstagram #rescue #bluenose #pitbulladvocate

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