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p:)  -next restock: january 19 -selling at @slimersinthecity2 !! -low prices & worldwide shipping🌎 -purchased? #infinitislimesproof ↓ my slime shop ↓

blue island splash!
i love the add-ins of this slime! this gets super glossy & look at how thick it is😍 still lots of slimes in my shop, link in my bio to purchase :)

blue jean baby puff👖👶🏼
this slime and its inflation😍😍😍 thank uuu @slimeyoda
lol today’s my half birthday! when’s your half birthday (add 6 months to your birth month & keep the same date)?

candy shop!
still lots of slimes in my shop including this crunchy one!! it comes with 2 random candy charms as well! link in bio for my shop!
fruit flavored or chocolate candy?

restocked!! link in bio to purchase!! all orders will be shipped tomorrow :)

-fiji water✨
-mocha mint✨
-honeydew dream✨
-hot cocoa
-strawberry whip (no charm)
-candy shop
-lemon pound cake
-blue island splash
-everything listed above will be avaliable at 11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, & 2pm EST (depending on your time zone) in my shop link in bio!

lemon pound cake🍋
okay this slime i’ve missed. it’s so thick that the pokes stay & it’s gets sooo glossy!! the lil lemon sprinkles are sooo cute and add such a nice touch to the slime! also the scent is divine🤤🤤 will be in my restock in 40 minutes!!!

strawberry whip🍓
one of my all time favorite butter slimes i sell. it inflates SO much and gets super sizzly. the first clip is it in it’s “normal form” then the 2 last clips is its inflated version! it will not come with the charm this time :( it’s scented just like the name also! restock is in an hour and 40 minutes! get ready!!!

blue island splash💧🌴
an oldie but still a goodie! i made this yesterday so it’s not to it’s full gloss but it will be when u get it! scented blue raspberry slushie yumm. will be in my restock tomorrow at 1pm cst!
try typing 1-9 with your eyes closed! 123345567 ope

candy shop🍭
oooo this crunchy floam is scented cookies! it has great bubbles & comes with 2 candy charms, will be shown tomorrow! this will be in my restock tomorrow at 3pm cst!

mocha mint!
love love this slime! super thick & glossy. the add-ins are so pretty especially the handmade mint foam beads!! scented like the name, almost mint chocolate! will be in my restock tomorrow!
it’s snowing so bad rn and i drove in it (such a bad idea bc i wanted bubble tea) but i made it home safely!! comment the emoji that describes your weather wherever u are! ❄️

fiji water🌸
this will be in my upcoming restock! super thick jelly slime scented rainbow sherbet. tons of people LOVED this scent at slime bash!! be sure to snatch this saturdayyyy
what math class are u currently taking? lol such a random question

pink lemonade thickie
from @slimeyoda ❤️❤️❤️
your battery percentage is the age you’ll get married! 17 yikes that’s in 6 months

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