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∞ Infinite Inertia ➟  Infinite Inertia from vine taking over this old account, get ready for spam

I got this a few days ago and thought it might be worth posting :P i use a controller so aiming is hard lol. Ps, i could not aim worth shit on that reaper

One punch man was great and i hope they make more as soon as possible haha

Back when i had just watched this show. Ps wear headphones for a cool effect. Pps the masking took forever xD

Back when Baka was a squad, this was my entry

Simple but satisfying

Oh, what was that, did someone day headphones? Oh wait, i did

1000 minus 7

Colonel Mustang ⚡️🔥💥

My attempt at an edit with all the overused hxh clips

"And a monster was born"

Sorry if the music isnt high quality ;-; idk how to fix it

Still figuring stuff out with final cut :P