I was just looking through all my photos on this page and I've just been reflecting the long journey to reaching 10k followers, all the YouTube videos I've made, and all the cool people I've met with RC's. I wanna thank all the people who have been with my page for a while but now I am leaving. It's been legit. Bye guys!

For some reason the winner of the bid screwed me over. The stampede is back on and for 20$ cheaper + OBO. Go buy it before someone else does, 7 watchers.🚀🚀 LINK IN BIO

#unbreakable GOT ITS FIRST BID! go bid Because this is a heck of a deal and I need it gone ASAP🔥 (LINK IN BIO) - there's pretty much nothing stock left on it.

Follow my guitar page please. Comment when u did and I'll ss and shoutout people in comments (I check if you actually do) @guitar___riffs @guitar___riffs @guitar___riffs @guitar___riffs @guitar___riffs

Last time. (Volume)

New wheels for #unbreakable ,,, only so I can sell it though:(

Ok for real what should I do with this page? I'm done with rc's so anyone wanna buy it?

Sold the rustler for 225$ should I put up the pede?

#prustler is on eBay! Go check it out because this is a steal.

Comment with offers. Need it gone asap!

Selling em dirt cheap now... dm if interested

I'll sell unbreakble for 275$ rn.. need to get rid of it asap. Needs 2 new back tires other than that it's rtr and heavily upgraded. Obo

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