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Infectious Grooves  The plague that makes your booty move....

@suicidaltendencies - The New E.P. is out! Thanx for all the support! Along with the E.P. there are lot's of great combo's to "Get Your Fight On!". And of course if you want to "Get Your Skate On!" check out all the Suicidal decks, completes and one offs. We now have the limited edition (100) band signed Get Your Fight On decks to put on your wall or room or make a special gift for that Cyco in your life. In the classic "Possessed to Skate" old school deck with the GYFO album artwork. .
More info
Board has been produced in limited number and features ALL BAND MEMBERS SIGNATURE AND DECK PROD NUMBER - includes free 'Get Your Fight On!' Poster and Sticker -
Available to all fans worldwide in a STRICTLY LIMITED NUMBER for limited time so GET YOURS NOW!
The Skate deck has the classic Possessed To Skate original 80's shape, 80's concave with single kick, slight spoon nose, & front wheel wells.
Made in the USA by skateboarders for skateboarders.
width 10"
length 30.25"
nose 3.75"
tail 6.6"
wheelbase 15.75"
Decks come with no griptape-

SHIPPING CHARGES INCLUDED FOR ALL SKATEBOARDS DECKS : you'll not be charged any extra amount at check out, product displayed price will be the final price of your purchase.
To obtain your FREE SHIPPING OPTION please place a SEPARATE order for any extra items you'd like to purchase (you can include as many Skate decks in the same order) otherwise you'll be charged extra shipping charges at checkout.

Repost from @suicidaltendencies - Our new “Get Your Fight On!”
Here's a quick taste of the firST ever ST recorded cover song, the Classic Punk Rock song by the legendary Iggy Pop, “I Got a Right". Obviously it fits in perfect with the E.P. "concept", but the concept is you can't ever forget that doing what you like and believe in is always more important then what other's expect and think. Make decisions for the right reason. Don't worry about or try to impress other people for the wrong reasons. Be happy for yourself that you can do things that mean a lot to you... And hopefully that will carry over. If not, life goes on... And you get to enjoy the "soundtrack" that you "slam" thru it with! Thanx to all the Suicidal Friends and Families for all the massive support all these years. And sometimes the lil things may seem like they get lost in all the chaos, but they are never forgotten :) #SuicidalTendencies #GetYourFightOn #IggyPop #IggyAndTheStooges #IGotARight #Suicidal #SuicidalFamily #STARMY

Repost from @skindredmusic - #tbt @bmasterdred and his good mate @robtrujillo from @metallica while they were rehearsing for the Mass Mental shows. #Skindred #Metallica #MassMental #BigTings

Repost with @ra_diaz :: FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO :: "Get Your Bass On!" is an Instrumental lead Bass version of "Get Your Fight On", from the @SuicidalTendencies E.P. release date March 9th. Besides the Album version and this bass version, there's also Dean's Guitar Instrumental version "Get Your Shred On!" and a semi acoustic version called, "Get Your Right On!" which features @TravisBarker on drums. So four completely different versions of the "same" song. Just as in life, there's always more than one way to do things. Find the way that you like, love, believe in and do your thing. There should never be something wrong with following your heart and your dreams. It's your life. Fight to make it the best you can. You have more options then you think, but none without effort.🤘🏼 @officialspector @gallienkrueger @daddarioandco @gruvgear @darkglasselectronics @emgpickups #SuicidalTendencies #GetYourBassOn #GetYourFightOn #GetYourFightOnEP #SuicidalFamily #GetYourRightOn #TravisBarker #Bass #Bassist #BassPlayer #BassPlayerMagazine #BassPlayersUnited #WePlayBass #SuicidalAndProud #WeAreFamily #SuicidalForLife #STAYCYCO #BassPlayersUnited

Repost from @ra_diaz - #TBT to @InfectiousGrooves at The Whisky exactly 4 years ago. My first time seeing them. And my first time seeing @RobTrujillo live playing a full show. That was a great fucking night. Where were my tattoos tho? Did I really get that many tattoos in the last few years? LOL 😂 #InfectiousGrooves #RobertTrujillo #ThrowbackThursday

New #InfectiousGrooves merch available from the @suicidaltendencies web stores.
U.S. = https://www.suicidaltendenciesstore.com/
& Europe

Big news from @ra_diaz - @SUICIDALTENDENCIES x @TRAVISBARKER x #THUNDERCAT x Bass Lead Instrumental and MORE on the new SxTx EP! PREORDER NOW!!! Today STarts the pre sale of the new SxTx release “Get Your Fight On!”
If “Get Your Fight On!” Sounds familiar it’s cause it was on the laST ST Album, “World Gone Mad”. Originally we were gonna put an E.P. out before “World Gone Mad”, but a number of cool things happened, STarting with getting Dave Lombardo in the band, and so plans changed:) Now we are releasing this 10 Song “E.P.” March 9th before the release of the next full L.P. called, “STill Cyco Punk After All These Years” which will be released in July. You’ll get a taSTe of that with the opening track, “Nothing to Lose”, a Cyco Punk rager updated from the Cyco Miko days. This will also come as instant download when you pre order “G.Y.F.O.” Next we have “Get United” which features and was co-written by the insane talented bass player and our good friend “Thundercat” aka STeve Bruner. He also is featured on the following track iAuthority, along with another great friend and insane guitarist Tim STewart. “Ain’t Mess’n Around” was re recorded awhile back for the "original" and has Phil Greenwood sitting in on drums. If you have the European version of the Cyco Miko solo cd from 1995 this might sound familiar.
S.E.D. was recorded during the “World Gone Mad” sessions and was finished just for this release…
Will just say it’s definitely not a song for everyone and probably will be the moST misunderSTood track (if people can even make it to the end, lol)

Starting side 2 is “I Got a Right” a great, fun, powerful track by the legendary Iggy Pop. It’s also the firST ever ST cover song! This is where it switches up a bit again.... “Get Your Right On!” is a more acoustic and different interpretation of “Get Your Fight On!” It features the legendary Travis Barker on drums (huge thanks to Travis for sitting in on this one) and has a completely different feel to the original. I’m sure this will be the Love it or Hate it track. We love it, that’s why it’s on, but you get to decide for yourself :) [CHECK FULL POST AND LINKS ON BANDS FACEBOOK] #SuicidalTendencies #TravisBarker

Happy new year and what a way to STart this 2018!

The new Suicidal Tendencies EP 'Get Your Fight On!' will be released on March 9th 2018 and PRE ORDERS START NEXT FRIDAY JAN 19TH!

This EP will be the second release for the band with @davelombardo on drums (Dead Cross, Slayer, Phantomas, GripInc), @ra_diaz on bass and @jeff_pogan on guitars and will anticipate a full length album set to release this coming summer. 
The 10 songs effort includes new tracks, the first ever cover song from the band for classic Iggy Pop's song 'I Got A Right', a stunning artwork by artist Mike Strachan and much much more!

In Mike's own words : "This ExPx is different in several ways. Where as originally this was gonna be the set up to 'World Gone Mad' which was released in September 2016, now it's more of an ending to 'World Gone Mad' and tie over till 'STill Cyco Punk After All These Years'." Available as CD, limited edition translucent yellow LP with download card and digital. 
All digital pre orders will include immediate download for the song 'Nothing To Lose'!
We'll be back on Thursday Jan 19th  to announce pre order links and all the specials that will be available at our webstore ONLY!

It's CYCO time and you've been warned!

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