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i n d r a  Una Tapatía en Los Angeles📍 life . food . quotes . vegan 🍃

Another fine day ruined by responsibility 😎.

"Don't talk of peace & love when you have a dead animal on your plate." 🙌🏼

Yo soy Mexicana! 🇲🇽#diadelabandera .
I am an immigrant, raise your hand if you're too. 🙋🏻 .
Where are you from?

Rule number 1.
Eat tacos like everyday is taco Tuesday..
sweet potato and spinach tacos will do it.🍠🍃🌯

I can only remember the good things, the corny ones, like walking around holding your hand🎠. . .

la verdad las piernas ya no me dieron para subir a la iglesia después de haber subido al arco del triunfo. Así que solo nos sentamos a ver transeúntes muriéndose de frío.

Never hold your farts in.
They travel up your spine, into your brain, and that's where shitty ideas come from!
. "shit happens" .. 🤡

Por más duro que sea, debes perdonarte a ti misma por los errores que cometiste. Hiciste lo mejor que pudiste, con lo que tenías a tus manos. Especialmente nosotras las mujeres nos culpamos por muchas cosas, debemos saber que durante la juventud es la etapa perfecta para los errores; aprende que el perdón viene de ti misma. De saber que es normal cometer errores y no aprender a la primera. Que uno se debe amar por sobretodo sin importar nada. Todo fluye. Cuando las cosas buenas vienen a ti, tómalas. .
. . "Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learn it" 🥀

I'm gonna miss this winter

"Happiness starts with you. No with relationships, no with your job, no with your money.. but with you"🦉

for almost three years I had all these beauties in my backyard. All I had to do is reach my hand to the tree and pull. The best oranges tangelos and lemons I've had in years..naturally grown without any shit on them; I'll miss these trees. Juices all the time, now i'll make a huge patch of spicy marmalade to go with me. Is time for a change! 🍊🍋

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Perfect Valentine's Day picnic by the Seine with my love. 😍🍷🥖🍓🧀