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Eid-Ul Fitr is here. Mudik (traveling to gather with family) is a big thing and always creates interesting stories. Share your mudik stories this year through Video Footage Competition #RekaMudik #StockshotID.

Shoot and share a video footage of something unique about your hometown in 60 second duration. It could be the culture, tradition, food, nature, or whatever interests you.

Upload the video to your Instagram account, and tell the story in the caption. Add #RekaMudik #StockshotID.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Follow @stockshot.ID

2. Period of competition (submission) June 23 – June 30, 2017)

3. Winner announcement in July 2017

4. Each participant is to upload the video on their Instagram account, set to public viewing

5. Add #RekaMudik #StockshotID, mention or tag @Stockshot.ID and 3 accounts of your friends

6. First winner will receive IDR2.000.000 cash, second winner will receive IDR1.000.000 cash, and favorite video (with most likes/views) will receive IDR500.000.

7. Competition mechanism and Terms & Conditions is subject to change. Any changes will be informed through Stockshot.ID’s official media:

Facebook Page @StockshotID.Page,

Twitter @StockshotID

Instagram @Stockshot.ID

For complete Terms & Conditions go to bit.ly/RekaMudikSSID

One does not stay at this kind of beach setting only for 30 minutes and not swim.
More about Mandorak beach you can read in our latest blog post about 7 Beaches in Sumba Island.
Live link on bio.

#mandorakbeach #bluecove #southwestsumba

The ‘cumi cabe ijo’ or squid with green chilis is one of the many menu that I can’t get over from @imahbabaturan . Using fresh squid, it’s tricky to cook it so as not to smell fishy, but they ace it. It’s probably the usage of spices, kaffir lime leaves and fried shallot on top. And it won’t taste as good without the steamed rice! Oh geez I’m so hungry now.. #bandungfoodsociety #riceandsquid #mouthwateringdishes

The liwetan experience at @suweorajamu28 is a lot of fun because it's very intimate even amongst strangers and we can eat with our hands! Hurah!!
Indonesian food is so good eaten with the hands. It's that extra umph, which is said that our hands has these 'healthy bacteria/protein' (can't remember) that is good for our digestion. And during our feast, the orange cinnamon drink was delicious!
#liwetanjakarta #indonesianfeast #suweorajamu

Here's something new that I learned during 'liwetan' at @suweorajamu28 a few weeks ago. 'Liwetan' means to eat together as a feast, a term from Solo if I'm not mistaken. There are many other terms for it around Indonesia like 'ngaliwet' in Sundanese, 'babancakan' from Banten, 'megibung' from Bali, etc. It's an enjoyable way to eat between loved ones or strangers, as I did. Something that I would highly recommend. So much fun!
Available at @suweorajamu28. And it was really good food too! #babancakan #ngaliwet #indonesianfeast

When traveling, we often eat the local special dish. But when the sushi is so good, we had to have it every night we were there. It happened in Canggu, Bali, with their Dragon of Ji menu at Ji restaurant. Now I'm craving for it. Will definitely go there when we're back in Bali again.
Have you tried it?

#jirestaurant #canggubali #tuguhotels #sushigalore #dragonrolls

Yet another fabulous setting from the Tugu Group: the Ji restaurant. What caught our attention the first time we went in was the main interior structure along with the statue, originally built as a temple in the 18th century. It was found somewhere in Java, then moved to Bali, complete with its 8 pillars.
More about Ji is up in our blog indohoy.com, under Destination. Live link on our bio.
#canggubali #tuguhotels #jirestaurant #antiquecollection #culinarybali #fusionlounge

The heat these days has been almost unbearable. When rain poured, I heard less whining from people around, probably a sign that we appreciate it more than usual. Another thing that could be more appreciated, would be sipping cold drink while having a dip in the pool.
You, what do you do to escape from the heat?
#canggubali #poolsession #lushlifestyle #baligetaway #explorebaliisland

A new blog post on something interesting and delicious in Canggu is coming right up!

#canggubali #canggubeach #blogpostcomingsoon

One of the beautiful beaches we visited in Sumba, viewed from the cliff as we were waiting for sunset. Watubela, West Sumba. .
#sumbaoverland #watubelabeach #westsumba #beachhopping

Another day, another struggle. To reach dreams, to gather scattered wishes. As the sun goes down, some of us continue the fight. Restless, always moving, thinking, and planning for the days ahead.
And how did I become so mellow?
Oh, right.
Blame it on Alessia Cara 'cos I've been listening to her songs today.
#mbawanabeach #mellowyellow #sunsetshot

When I can't sleep, my mind wanders to places I love.. .
#watubela #sunsetshot #indonesianature #sumbaoverland 📷 @zindan_habsyi

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