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How do you move on from a place you loved so much?
Anyway, have a superb weekend, everybody!

One productive morning in the Old Town of Ampenan, Lombok.
#lombokisland #womanworking #doorporn #oldtowncharm

It wasn't easy to get to the Imogiri graveyard. I had to walk up 381 steps and almost lost my breath. My friend counted a different number of steps. Rumor has it, it is rare that people got the right number as they count the steps while climbing it, which is supposed to be 409. And if you got it right, you'll get what you wish for. Oh well, I only wished to get on top and I did it!
Have you been there and counted the steps? How many did you get?

#imogiribantul #yogyakartaindonesia #graveyard

Because window seats are most people's favorite..

There's light at the...middle of the tunnel. Simply gorgeous.

Nope, its not that tricky "Relativity" painting of stairs by M.C. Escher. It is (or used to be) an underground mosque and meditation place in Taman Sari Water Palace, Yogyakarta. Framing this sight without anyone in it took forever! I totally get it though, it's too awesome not to take your picture there.
#waterpalace #tamansariyogyakarta #flightofstairs

Oh how I miss the ocean!
But, as told in our latest blog post on, new activities are holding us back and stay in the city for quite a while. It's just as exciting as saying hello to the breezy beaches. Live link on our bio, guys!

Green as far as the eyes can see. Exactly what I need after hours and hours of staring at the computer screen 😄

#lombokisland #BukitSelong #selonghill

It takes a while for city kids to get comfy in nature. But it only took seconds for @mishellamaringka here to relax and sit among the grazing buffaloes as she is fond of animals.
#lombokisland #meresehill

Who's to say how an ideal home should be?
Lately I've been thinking of life outside of Jakarta. Should it be in #Sulawesi , where my blood comes from? Or is home an absurd concept we create to feel anchored?
The three latest photos were old photos during time with less social media.
#tentena #conceptofhome #throwback

The karst strip of South Sulawesi.
Yesterday, I did a trip to Barru, about 2.5 hours ride north from Makassar. Along the road I saw how the karst strip continued all the way to Barru. It's an impressive stretch. I do hope to see the insides of them soon.
#Sulawesi #Sulawesikarst #barru

When the streets smell like clove. The paths on Wakai Island, part of the #Togian mini archipelago, is covered by dry cloves, one of their main commodities. It was a strong scent on every step I took, but one I enjoyed and remembered very much.
#sulawesi #oldphoto #canond10

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