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Taking notice of how locals enjoy their afternoon is quite fun. Here in Naira, they spend it at the fort watching whatever is happening within it.
Have you noticed any unique locals hangout when you're traveling?

Do I really miss the plane ride to Banda? Or would that one time do?
Taking the plane to Banda gives perspective to how small the islands are but riding the fast boat is a closer experience to what sailors had to face when finding the islands back in the days.
When you go to Banda, how would you prefer? By plane or by boat?
#bandaisland #eastindonesia #travelindonesia #moluccas

There are many stories that circle around the origin of Islam in Banda. One of them is that it was brought in straight from Mecca.
#bandaneira #bandaisland #bandaindonesia

We were just going to have an early dinner at Dedes restaurant when a little head turn took us to this lovely orange atmosphere. Plates of delicious fishes menu had to wait while we were out enjoying the view we rarely have in Jakarta.
#amboncity #ambonsunset #sunsetsky #cityofbeauty

What do you think the guy (on the left) is saying to the girl?
And can you guess, is this sunrise or sunset?
#amazingplaces #ambonmanise #eastindonesia #reddishsky

It's hard to believe that this whole village is now burned to ashes. Tarung Village in West Sumba, was one of the most visited by tourists. The local people would make traditional accessories and weave cloth and then sell them to visitors.
There was no casualty in the fire that happened 2 days ago. Villagers are temporarily evacuated to neighboring villages, according to @zindan_habsyi our tour guide.
Funds are being raised to help the villagers and hopefully their life will be back to normal as soon as possible
Pics were taken in April 2017. 2nd photo was taken by @pashatama .

Not a damsel in distress. Just me admiring the blue sea outside Fort Amsterdam.
It was built in the 17th century by the Dutch East Indies Company to protect from the local uprising.
Located in Hila town, it is one of the most serene settings I've been on Ambon Island
#ambonmaluku #fortamsterdam #moluccastrip #bythewindow
📷 @coretanino

No heat can stop a family from having fun in a sunny day on Natsepa beach.
#ambonbeach #familyfuntimes

Ambon, yesterday.
Man, what a lucky town! Having this kind of sunset view just around the corner from downtown. I envy Ambon people for it and love the town for it!
#travelindonesia #eastindonesia #ambonmanise #citilinkambonsketchwalker

I failed to understand how Trikora Beach can be so blue under the rain and grey sky. But they say, I don't always have to understand things.
Maybe it's better for me to try and understand why I'm not swimming in the water.
#bintanisland #missingtheocean

The strength of roots and branches amaze me. They may look fragile but they can grow through bricks and stones and mortar. (Please CMIIW). To the least they hug buildings for years or centuries, like the one that used to be a clinic here. Giving a mysterious look as well as a bit of romanticism.
Wait. Is it just me or do you feel the same about Tabib building here?
#penyengatisland #wonderfulkepri

The Dancing Trees on Walakiri beach, one of the reasons why Sumba Island is just magical.
I gotta warn you, though. Approaching sunset, you'll be one of a thousand visitors that try to make that perfect sunset shot there.
And I just realized from the photo here, that one of that many people left something hanging at one of the tree branches. Can you spot it?

#sumbaisland #walakiribeach #dancingtrees #sunsetsilhouette #travelindonesia #enjoyindonesia #eastindonesia #sunsetchasers

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