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India Farmer  😘

u still a hooper when the rim bent 🤔

got a double with my son today 😂🦃 #teamDFR

from player to spectator ... pass da sauce 😏😘 #DistrictChamps

being an athlete was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There was joy, adversity, pain, confusion, and so many other emotions that continuously transcend throughout my everyday life. Basketball was my love, my life, my place of freedom, and I encourage everyone to be an athlete but I also have some advice. Sports are what you do, but they are not who you are. They may be a huge part of your life but who you are when “the lights go off” is so much more valuable to yourself and everyone around you... my world revolved around basketball to the point where I struggled with knowing who I was and who I could be without it. The lights will go off eventually, maybe sooner or maybe later, but one day the ball will stop bouncing and your life WILL change. So I’m just encouraging you to know yourself, learn how to be the best version of yourself, and allow sports to be part of your life without neglecting to realize the importance of everything/everyone else that effects your life. Happy NGWSD 😘 #sorryforthebook #longwindedtruths

“sometimes you need your ego, gotta remind these fools” jay z #IssaNewYear 😈💯🎒

at 17 I wanted everything that was in store , at 23 I bought it all just to make sure .... 🤷🏽‍♀️😈❄️ #JordanYear #aintNOcomplaints

‪..if you faint during the day of adversity, your strength is little...

cut the grass and all the snakes gone surface 💯

familia forever .. #salud #amor #familyreunion #VA 😘

In 22 yrs I've never met anyone like you . You're the most selfless , God-fearing , kindhearted woman that I know ...You're the glue that holds our family together and the backbone that we couldn't live without . Your love is genuine , unmatched , and always present , even when I didn't deserve it . I'm so glad the Lord gave me you ☺️😘 Happy Mother's Day ! #thatsmymamayall

i really never understood what this day would mean to me, but then I arrived... #alumna #forevertothee🐔 #bagsecured🎒

be anything they need you to be , always ..

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