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Ioan Nascu  Handle with care. Athlete. Photographer. Bitch. Not always in that order. Current project: "Barely Eating", check it out and please follow 👇

Some pretty flowers from my trip to Malta.

Some more snaps of this babe @krismicallefdiary - yes I do take normal (topless) portraits too!

Also then I got real artsy and @krismicallefphoto stole my camera (OK I asked him to take pics of me) and this is one of the snaps.

Took some snaps of @krismcallef - unfortunately mot a full on @barelyeatingproject shoot 😢 but oh well some nice portrait shots anyway 😂

What happens when you give @krismicallefphoto your camera.

Valletta has some gorgeous streets to just walk around and get lost in. (Also you get away from all them tourists)

Got myself a little bit of beach time (I’m not sad @egorod I’m squinting).

Travel Ioan mean posting loads of pictures Ioan.
I needed a vacay I been hustlin’ too hard.

“Neon Demon” shoot with @awolfskincoat - my obsession with triangles (that instagram insists of cutting bits of) continues. This is just a short preview of greater things...

While @barelyeatingproject has completely taken over my free time, managed to do a “neon demon” with the gorgeous @awolfskincoat (really Loki in human form). Here are some sneak peeks - more stuff to come when i got some time!

If you read “Foxcatcher”, Mark Schultz always says wrestling is an individual sport. When you are on the matts competing, it is. But everything until that point isnt. —————————————————————
Wrestling is like a wolf pack. We grow and evolve together, not individually. We sweat, we bleed, we laugh as a pack.
Long way of saying good turnout and good work today @londonfightfactory

One last picture from @therocevents on Saturday - never a boring fight with @george_tanasa95 !

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