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Rants of a Preacher's Son  Sushi Chef. Travel Writer. Photographer.Nomad. Life is a painting..and our choices the brush strokes.Be original.

Thinkn about it. I feel that.

Haters gonna hate.

Over there in the shadows, hangin' out in the corner of my mind

Stringing up the gallows, waiting for me to cross that line

That man's dangerous as hell, a threat to himself,

If he got out there'd be hell to pay.

And that's why, my dark side, don't ever see the light of day.

You can blame it on the rebel raisin', you can blame it on the South
You can blame it on the words I try to keep here in my mouth

It takes a lot to start me up, but once that hammer drops

You don't wanna be the one that tries to make me stop. - Eric Church

1st podcast: The World is Wierd **link in profile**

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