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The heart & the head. β€’
Honesty time. Sometimes owning a small business is awesome. You meet people, you get to be creative and you get to be your own boss doing what you think is best for the company and sooo much more.
AND, sometimes, it sucks.
You have to give up a lot of things to put your baby of a business first (insert anything fun &/or relaxing). You have to wait (impatiently πŸ™‹πŸΌ) to see if all your endlesssss hours of work are going to pay off. You might have to spend lots of money trying different things. You might have to just throw it all at the wall and see what sticks. It's scary. You have to deal with people who might step on your toes or even ones who will step on your back, just to better themselves in the process. Being young(er) in business, you may deal with (lots!) of people who don't take you seriously or brush you aside. (Hello! You'll be the first to know when I succeed πŸ˜’) You have to put your work out there and pray people even like it. And then buy it. You have to have self control AND guts. Both of which, I'm not gunna lie, I struggle with.
I keep going because I know I'm meant for more. I'm meant for better. And I'll be damned if I can't build it for myself. β€’
Where my small business owners at? Ya feel me?
Ps, this beaut @trilly_jilly is wearing the Rainbow Moonstone wrap Choker 😜

Can we just bask in the beauty that is @rievictoriaaoki for a sec? Pretty sure she's the definition of a style goddess 😍
Wearing the Golden Glow & Bronzed Sun necklaces

Me: "Wait! Where are you going!?" Weekend: "See ya, sucka"

Chilly mornings with some coffee and relax, are. my. jam.
PS...spring and summer shows are coming up SO I'm clearing out the old for all the new! Any orders placed this weekend get a free piece included! No code necessary, just like this post. Tell your friendzies so they can get free shit too 😜#kthanks #freegift #happytogive #forrealtho #takeitall #ineedspace

Dear wallet, I'm sorry for what's about to happen. I haven't updated my wardrobe in a bit, so this may hurt. But I promise I deserve it. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a mix of Western and Aztec feels. A lot of #onlineshopping is about to happen πŸ™ˆ
Thanks for being such a babe and working with me from the beginning @hannahkathleen_photography 😘

#WildHairWednesday is that a thing? I think, as my hair is actually getting a bit longer, I'm going to try and wear it naturally a bit more. It's just soooo much more maintenance to keep it from frizzing out. Any of my curly headed freaks feel me?

Have you heard about our monthly Babe Box? It's $29.99 for a curated box packed full of jewelry and lifestyle products totaling $80 or more!! I know how it can be to pick out pieces and try and style them together like a pro. Rough. So let me do it for you! Each month the pieces are personally styled to be layered up or worn alone if you're a low key kinda lady; #hello yoga jewels and a #boho tee. The subscription is growing so don't miss out on next month's box. Sign up now on the site before June sells out! β€’
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Checkin that Monday morning attitude β€’
No Bull ring & All angles necklace available in the shop under "New"
Our first show is next weekend at @canalsidebflo, get readyyyy to shop all new styles!

My mom taught me to stand tall, to work for what I want, and to remain humble. I could never fit all of the wisdom I've gained because of my amazing mother in to one post but she shaped me into who I am. Thankful and blessed don't being to cover it.

When the weekend is almostttt here

Spending the morning going through inventory in preparation for upcoming shows! So much to do 😱 SO I am clearing out some stock #luckyyou head to my insta stories to claim pieces at a major discount! All you have to do is reply to the piece you want with your paypal email and I'll send you an invoice. Shipping is on ME ✌🏻

Last week I found struggle in the everyday. This week has been good to me. No matter how down and out you are, you have to remember that things get better. Circumstances change and you have to trust Him. You can take pride in hard work and you can take pride in play.
I've many a friend that I can see struggle with actual happiness, that struggle with a stability and acceptance and peace of mind. This is just a little psa that you can help them; be there for them.

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