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IndieFilmLab  Film lab dedicated 100% to the photographic film process. #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm

Killing the Barn door light @bamabear! We talked about doing a film only workshop maybe in the fall or early spring down in New Orleans with @ryanmuirhead and a few other teachers possibly @benjhaisch @bamabear @jonathonkohn @joshuamoates, we are just in talks now, but who would be interested in some street shooting / portrait shoots down in the the most interesting place in the south ?? #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm

@bensasso and @heckyeahphotocamp has released the At Home series today! It is a completely online workshop hosted by Ben. Education, Discussion, Community, Sweatpants! check it out! No planes... no worries! #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm

Love being a part of @benjhaisch's @cascadeworkshop all the way over in Washington! Looks like they had a blast shooting @kodakprofilmbiz @kodak Film! This is a great shot of @carolynn_seibert holding those sick cameras! Love seeing people get into this craft! Thanks to @benjhaisch for making sure this art form stays alive and well! #analog #longlivefilm #indiefilmlab #analog

Beautiful skin tones by @lisablumephoto ! Thanks for all the love!! @indiefilmlab #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm #film #analog

Our trip out west on 16mm Kodak film. Keeping film alive every which way we can! #16mm #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm #bolex #analog #super16mm #film @jonathonkohn @luke_lindgren @indiefilmlab @indieprintco shot and edited by @joshuamoates song: "Never tear us apart" cover by The Great Book of John processing by Cinelab

It takes more effort to shoot on film. Film stock choice, metering, loading the camera, being present to grab the shot and to make sure you handle the shot rolls correctly when traveling (heat/X-ray). So much goes into film and we know this and you better believe we take that into consideration when we receive your order. We all know what it takes to shoot film and we all know how much care you guys put into each shot and we want you to know that we understand the effort. This shot traveled across continents and oceans to show up at our doorstep. Thank you @longmilescoffee @kristyjcarlson for trusting in us. @indiefilmlab #longlivefilm #indiefilmlab #film #coffee #analogphotography

35mm Kodak film shot of Havana, Cuba by @ej.leff. That glow is so beautiful! #filmphotography #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm #film #havana #cuba

Our buddy @luke_lindgren took this shot on our "Long Live Film" documentary trip out west a while back. Search Long live film on YouTube, should be easy to find! #film #longlivefilm #indiefilmlab #filmphotography

Had the pleasure of scanning this 40x60 Image on the Imacon of Terrell Clark's " Unlit" from him "EYES of Havana" series! (@terrellclarkweddings) He has as a limited book and a showing over in his hometown of Atlanta, Ga. thanks Terrell for being on the team man! Thanks for the love! #analogphotography #indiefilmlab #longlivefilm #cuba #havana

Your inspiration is not your destination. Being inspired is wonderful, but don't let that be a means for copying, because the person or people you are copying are probably already 10 steps ahead of you because they are producing art from within themselves, their own creation. By the time you even learn how to even begin to copy them, they are so far ahead of you, leaving you frustrated and lost. Why? Because you have to find your voice, your place and your true focus, and the bad news is, most of us won't get there. We all can, but we all won't . Too much noise out there for distraction along with the need to feel validated instantly instead of failing a ton and learning to pave your own road. But it is so much easier and faster to travel a road already paved... but you'll be just another car on that road instead of the first car on your very own road that you can name. _______ road. Everyone wants it now, and it can't be that way all the time. Haven't we all noticed the artists that have a gravitational pull towards them? I believe it is because they create within, with reason and purpose. So Godspeed to finding our own road because guess what? They are all worth building and they are all needed to move us forward. - Josh Moates photo of @tamathews by @joshuamoates on #mamiya #rz67 Fuji Acros @fujifilm_profilm

Cinestill night shots FTW. @cinestillfilm is coming out with 120 film we hear! How amazing is that, a new film in 2017! Film is definitely making a strong comeback! We have seen major growth in film since we started the lab! Thanks goodness! Can't let this die! #longlivefilm #indiefilmlab #cinestill #film #analogphotography Photo: @cdeboislorey

What a way to kick off Spring! Beautiful image by @zackpianko on @kodak film! #pentax67 #longlivefilm #indiefilmlab #analogphotography

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