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Michael J Hoag 

Very cool Raiders Chachapoyan fertility idol candle. I won’t light this one like I did with the Nazi Toht candle I had.🤠

A Golden Look-Look book from 1992. Nice illustrations. I loved the little Golden books when I was a child.👍🤠👍

There’s a lot of brave people out there that might need help.🙏🇺🇸🙏

If I could have any car.... a Delorean , knight Rider ...... the Bat mobile? It’d be this one. A 67 Chevy Impala and I’d drive the hell out of it.👍

So ready for Avengers!

Gotta find a place for this. It’s Crystal Skull but it’s Indy! 👍🤠👍

Two more Indy caps. The first from 89 has almost a frocked texture to it. Had to put it in a plastic holder to keep it from collecting dust. The second from 2008, Disneyland I think .👍🤠👍

Don’t know the Artist but I love the artwork.👍🤠👍

Finally got one of these. I don’t follow NASCAR but its Indy and the detail is sick.👍🤠👍

Here’s my favorite Indy jacket. It’s 29 years old and it still fits. Sold through the Lucasfilm fan club. I took out my first credit card to buy it. It’s aged has dark stains from the tanning process and I’ve had the zipper replaced. Fits great, hand warmer pockets and all.👍🤠

Here’s my second favorite Indy jacket. An authentic Raiders from Wested.(thanks to @throwmethewhip) I got it for a good price, used but my size. Small did colorization on the right shoulder, Hovitos dart?🤠

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