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indiaarie  Artist, Explorer, Winner, on a mission to spread love, healing, peace and joy through music. 🌟SongVersation: Worthy HERE ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

My Mom says its like turning the light on, on your face lol #iamlight (Who said brown skin girls cant wear red lipstick?)
So yesterdays most asked questions 1) i am putting an album out and going on tour! In the fall! Cant. WAIT to be with everyone again. 2) how did I learn to love and believe in myself ~ watch the Link in my Bio - its been a journey. My confidence is more commitment to what I feel is my destiny and that is to help people grow and heal themselves - that KEEPS me going. 3) I've cutting my hair low like this since 2003 ~ it feels like a BEING WIDE CLEANSING (if that makes sense) 4) how to make it in the industry: be so good/ interesting /driven ~ that people WANT to sign you. Or write with you. Or hear your songs. And be ready to deal with the nonsense - its just a part of it. 5) to everyone who didnt have a question and just wanted to send love ~ I love you BACK! This, wouldnt be possible without you. BE SURE TO CHECK YESTERDAYS POST ~ I've responded to lots of ya'll! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #songversation #songversationmedicine

I always wanted a grey patch ~ looks like I may get it 😊 ... do u have any questions for me? Ask below ~ I’ll answer every hour... Make em good! #iamnotmyhair #worthy #iamlight #songversationmedicine #songversation #blackgirlmagic

BEEN Black Girl Magic since before we were CALLING it Black Girl Magic.
Don’t get it twisted now! #wakandaforever - But THIS me being ME. This is who I BEEN. I can’t even COUNT the times I’ve cut my hair lol ~ ya’ll know me.
1. Some one said, I need a line up - I am VERY intentional about my hair. I think line ups ar masculine - i Iike my edges soft. #Imjustsaying
2. those how think i was wearing wigs - I wasn’t - usually i had a nice sized fro and would add BRAIDS to it - not wigs. And I wore a wig or two. SO WHAT #justdoyou
3. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me ( unless you like it! Lol is which case HEY BOO! hahaahahah!) #worthy
Love to all #Soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #iamnotmyhair

It was time to let it go again. I Feel GOOD! REALLY Good. My love loves it LOL! my mom hates it 😂 IM GOOD! #iamnotmyhair #iamlight #worthy #songversation #songversationmedicine

I LOVE! Watching the full moon set! Look closely! #iamlight #timelapse (about 20minutes) #worthy #songversation #songversationmedicine

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! That one time ~ the @dancetheatreofharlem called to invited me to sing this song (written by Charlie Sohne and Tim Rosser) for the 2017 season! These young ladies gave me so much ... and they gave ME flowers! ... the way to my heart. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #highabove #internationalwomensday

One of my favorite artists. The only celebrity (along with stevie and you know how I feel about him) ive posted multiple times on my IG ~ posted my song lyrics. CRAZY EXCITED! HaaaaaaaaaaaahAhahahahaa! Thank you @violadavis I hope I get to hug your neck soon.

Prayers for a full recovery Bawse / repost from @mclyte #prayersforrickross

Swipe left: When I tell people my mom @havenstreet (Haven Street Studio on etsy) MADE this ~ I need ya'll to understand lol ... peep the beading (it is all beaded) AND peep the leather shoulders ~ YEP! it started as a roll of fabric! Shes my back bone and I am muse. 😇 thank you @theenvylife for your support. 💜💜💜 love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #grammys2018 #worthy #iamlight

The power of being your SELF! This is so inspiring. @erik_cav5493 thank you. #iamlight #worthy #songversation #soulbird #songversationmedicine

My friend ... Such a talent. Such a heart. @theerealburnell ~ Its hard to keep a straight face other folks ain't on point LOL ! But we do it for the love of the music 🤣 #readyforlove #iamlight #worthy #songversation #songversationmedicine #acousticsoul

Stuff me and my mom do at 3am ~ cause we’re both always up. Lol #worthy #iamlight #truecolors love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #songversation

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