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indiaarie  Artist and explorer on a mission to spread love, healing, peace and joy through music. NEW MUSIC ! "BREATHE" ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

#songversationmedicine on the @oprahmagazine cruise to #Alaska - breakdown, breakthrough, break the shell, elevate and fly.

Somewhere between #seattle and #Juno #alaska ~ @oprahmagazine best adventure cruise ... its been a peaceful voyage. 2 performances of #songversationmedicine on the ship~ have you heard the album yet? 🙏🏾

We've been on the @oprah @oprahmagazine #bestadventurecruise with no wifi all week - and its been magnificent! We still out here! #alasaka is a MAJESTIC BEAUTY! #glacierbay #worthy - OH! I did two SongVersation Performance on the #hollandamerica cruise ship and it was a TRUE JOY! Have my new album yet? #songversationmedicine GET IT! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

Ok! So i have a new album out! It's called #songversationmedicine ‼️ you heard it yet?! THIS song tho is from the first #Songversation album. My first stop before the #oprah #bestadventurecruise is one of my favorite cities #Seattle 🎼 I love 🎹, as if i were a string. I love #Seattle as if I were the ☔️ @spaceneedle THANK YOU for taking me to the TIPPITY TOP TOP! of the space needle! WHAT A JOY!

FIRST OF ALL I HAVE A NEW ALBUM OUT AND ITS REALLY SPECIAL! You got it? Its called #songversationmedicine ‼️ NOW! Dear @bossipofficial ~ decided to do a story about celebrities who bleach their skin - and include ME! 1) i did not bleach my skin. 2) if you knew ANYTHING about me you'd know that. 3) i have an AMAZING new album out ~ but i guess EXCELLENCE means nothing when your intention is to drag people 4) i addresssd this issue EXTENSIVELY in writing, and tv interview - but apparently people just like to write stupid shit and not READ 5) you will not! Assassinate my my character. I've done more to uplift people - especially the black community as a one woman band than your whole STAFF can contend with. WATCH WHAT I DO NEXT! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #soulbirdsworldwide #essencefestival2017 oh! And my mother MADE this shirt. Fly ain't it? @havenstreet I'm tired of people playing quick and fast with other folks hearts. I will always speak my mind. We need all high consciousness human beings and healers now more than EVER. #queen FOREVER!.👑👑👑#goodbye

Repost from @mstinalawson i was SO happy to see her sitting there. #essencefestival2017 #iamlight from my New Album #songversationmedicine love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

You got my new album #songversationmedicine yet? IT OUT! #essence2017 #essencefestival2017

My New Album #SongVersationMedicine is OUT! Spread your wings - spread the word #soulbirdsunite #soulbirdsworldwide #soulbirdrise #breathe #essence2017 #queen

June 30th was an AWESOME day. In addition to this main stage performance at #essencefestival2017 ~ my album #songversationmedicine was released! Get it! Listen. If it moves you? (And O have a feeling it will) Spread the word. I am proudly an independent artist now ~ so word of mouth really matters! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #breathe

And she said "YOU KNOW I LISTEN TO YOU ALL THE TIME!" ... and i packed my stuff and said "this night cant get any better" and went back to my hotel LOL #theboss #dianaross #essence2017

My new EP SongVersationMedicine os OUT! NOW! To spread love, healing, peace and Joy thru words and music is my mission. #musicismyweapon #essencefestival2017 thank you MOM @havenstreet and Jilene @theenvylife for my futuristic African Warrior Goddess! come THROUGH! 💥💥💥

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