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INDECLINE  Est. 2001 - Activist Art Collective

INDECLINE is proud to release these remaining LIMITED EDITION photo prints from the collective’s infamous and widely publicized project: “The People’s Prison” (LINK TO VIDEO IN BIO). These 8x10 full color, matte prints are from the original American flags that were covertly hung up and displayed in Trump’s NYC Hotel during INDECLINE’s unauthorized protest art installation. Proceeds will go to charities selected by each artist. That info is listed below. To purchase, email or send a DM with your choice. Prints are $30 + S&H and there are limited quantities so act fast fuckers!

In order of appearance
@dannygreeneart (Hunter S. Thompson) - SIGNED
Alexandria House
@jessehazelip (Dr. Cornel West)
Indigenous Environmental Network
@aware_indecline (Noam Chomsky) - SIGNED (Noam Chomsky) Help International

@beezle138(Malcom X)
Malcom X Foundation
@theother_twistedsister (Betty Friedan)
The Sasha Center
@gabelarson (Muhammed Ali)
Southern Poverty Law Center (Erica Garner)
Young New Yorkers
@cutanddestroy (Edward Snowden)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
@randy_janson (Leonard Peltier)
Native American Rights Fund

@panikcollective (Howard Zinn)
Common Cause Education

Our @punkrockandpaintbrushes family has an incredible show planned for Saturday night in Los Angeles. Don’t miss it!

INDECLINE has something big in the works. If you, or anyone you know has access to a minimum of 12 acres of land and running water, we’d love to chat. DM the intel. ✊🏼

Los Angeles is burning.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigorpoulos. He was a 15 year old anarchist from Athens. He was murdered by the police. Following his death, rioting broke out all over Greece. This uprising continues to this day. Rest in Power Alexis.

A prime example of the kind of fans you don’t want.

Turn that town upside down. #INDECLINE

INDECLINE is proud to sponsor and announce the 2019 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV.✊🏼

🔥Holiday Promo & Giveaway🔥
INDECLINE is working with our partners @the_sidewalk_project to bring much needed supplies and food to the men, women and children of Skid Row in Los Angeles, CA. We have an outreach event planned for December 16th. 50% of all proceeds from the sale of our “Fuck The 1%” shirt will go towards this initiative. Promo is live until Friday morning. We’re also doing a Winter Giveaway, so tag a friend in the comments section and enter to win an INDECLINE hoody, bandana and beanie of your choice and a pair of our new INDECLINE socks. #INDECLINE
Photo: @stabtheprincess666
Congrats: @mostindustries !!!!

#INDECLINE is proud to introduce American hero, party crasher and anti-activist #PermitPauly.

Last night was surreal at @juliens_auctions. One of our heroes and supporters, @ronenglishart, purchased our John Wayne Gacy statue, then dropped $730,000 on a Banksy in order to destroy it in protest of street art being stolen and sold without artist consent. True hero. Scroll through for the full experience. Special thanks to all of our amazing Los Angeles family, crew and friends in attendance. Thanks the support. ❤️

“For Your Consideration” Hollywood, CA #INDECLINE
The purpose of the #MeToo movement is not primarily punitive, but rather to give a voice to a group that has generally been marginalized for the benefit of an aristocratic minority. Are we talking about predators, or are we simply talking about “boys being boys”? This is both an economic and racial question. So are we talking about bad apples, or are we talking about the systemic rot of a system that encourages the naked expression of power as a tool of control?
INDECLINE has a background in film (amongst other clandestine activities). Some of those that we grew up loving- @tarantinoxx , for example - have sat back and allowed an environment hostile to a whole gender to calcify into the mechanism of a business. What’s scarier? The actions of Weinstein, who is one man? Or the collective decision to ignore his bad behavior for the sake of the system?
At INDECLINE, we wanted to take a moment to stand with our sisters. A movement is more than a hashtag or a meme. It’s more than a magnet for social media likes. Hollywood still has a long way to go. We speak to the perpetrators, of course, but also to the enablers. Don’t stand by for the sake of a bunch of glitter and a misleading camera angle. Sometimes the story isn’t as pretty as the trailer. That’s okay, but let’s work towards a point where all stories get told.

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