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Marcella Araica

I need to get home to my baby 😢. He’s beyond missing me... 24 more hours to go and im all yours! ❤️❤️❤️ #myheartandsoul #workingmom #mamaMissyouToo

NYC Nights ❤️✨ #BeMoreYou

I hear a lot of people tell me that I make motherhood look easy. Please believe, it’s far from not. I’m pretty much a single mom. So much goes into each day and all I can do is take it day by day..... hour by hour. Days like this where I don’t have anyone to help me , I’m just thankful to be in a working position where I can bring him to the studio with me. It’s not ideal that he sleeps here while I work , BUT....,,,, Records have to mixed and Deadlines have to be met. NO EXCUSES! I took this picture a few hours into a mix I’m doing tonight and was just grateful to look behind me and be at ease having him here and not wherever. The struggle is real and different for all moms. A lot of days, I feel so overwhelmed but I stop and take a breath, (sometimes cry), pray, and connect with God for he has blessed me with the greatest job of all. So I salute all the loving moms out there but especially the amazing working single SUPER MOMS that does what it takes. 💪🏼✨❤️👩‍👦 . . . .
#momlife #workingmom #studiolife #motherandson #thoughts

Thank you @ascap !!!!✨✨✨✨
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@ascapexpo just released the new #ASCAPEXPO Digital Mag featuring: - Master Class w/ @jermainedupri - 4 trailblazing women who are opening doors for female producers & engineers
- The publisher-songwriter relationship
Check it out & get inspired
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Birthday Weekend with my Queen!!! Love you mama ❤️🎂🍾 . . . .
#happybirthday #70NeverLookedSoGood

I just finished having a conversation tonight about today’s “Art of Mixing”. I can truly say although I know I’ve been mixing purely in the box for just a few months (Yes I was late to the game) , I miss these days when I would use the room to mix. From outboard gear to tape machines (to record drums or sounds and transfer back into Protools) to the full use of the console (Dynamics,EQs, Automation). Yes it’s was a pain in the ass when it came to recalls but there is no comparison to that process. It was so involved and creative. Not that today’s “in the box” can’t be creative.... but I don’t feel like it’s as involved. All I do is sit in the damn chair and click click away. My back, my posture ... Even My BOOTY has even taken a toll.... it feels flat. LOL. Anyway, just thought I’d share 😆🤷🏻‍♀️ #ThrowbackTuesday #engineer #womanInAudio #mixing

4 years later... and it still hurts like it was yesterday. I miss you so much Tio 😢 💔
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#RIP #OneofAKind #loveyou #GoneTooSoon #Colombia 🇨🇴

The beat of my heart 💗 The energy of my soul ✨ @kaydenmaxwell16 . . . .
#motherandson #loveyou

He don’t play... just like his mama 👊🏼
#twin #meanmuggin #mybaby

Game day with this beauty is always one for the books! 😉 😘 @amarisjones . . . .
#miami #sundayFunday #football 🐬🏈

Today was a good day !!! Go Dolphins! 3-0 #happymoment 🙌🏼🐬✨

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