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Incognito Tattoo  MR INCOGNITO is located at 4714 Franklin ave. In lovely Los Feliz village. Artists in residence, Jason Schroder, Sara Lou, Henry Lewis and Pat Sweeney

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Artist and mental health activist Derek Hess will be at Incognito Tattoo on the 3rd of May, signing his new book “31 Days in May”. Alongside the book, we will also be displaying a selection of his prints, fine art and merchandise. A portion of proceeds will go to support #320changesdirection, the fantastic campaign to promote the need to streamline access to care for individuals and families struggling with mental health issues. The event will run from 6pm-9pm and all are welcome to attend. @derekhess @changedirection #Iamthechange @incognitotattoo #losangeles

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Here’s a fun on on the lovely @gothcharlotte
Arachnid Love is alive and doing Soo well with this tattoo. Thank you Charlotte for this Awesome idea! I always dig illustrative tattoos! #henrylewistattoo #incognitotattoo #spider #tarantula #illustrativetattoo #gothcharlotte #🕷

More progress on Leanne’s sleeve. Started almost 6 years ago! From @pattoos #incognitotattoo #colortattoo #neotraditionaltattoo

Mountain scene from @mrincognito #incognitotattoo

We all know how rad Sara is.... #Repost ・・・
Well this is a lovely surprise! Thank you @lamag and Andrea Alonso for putting me on your list!! Yes, I do love a good poppy...and hello to all the other ladies who work so hard in this city and do great work while they are at it. Tattooing is alive and well, but we wouldn’t be here without our fantastic clients. So the biggest “thank you” is to everyone who puts trust in us and what we do. ❤️🐨❤️ #losangeles #saraloutattoo #incognitotattoo

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Incognito Tattoo are very proud to announce that we will he hosting artist Derek Hess for one evening on the 3rd of May. Derek will be signing his new book “31 Days in May” at the shop, so mark the date in your calendar for a chance to meet him and purchase the book. More details to come this week, so follow us closely for updates, and we look forward to having you all! @derekhess #losangeles #booksigning @incognitotattoo

@pattoos is ready!!! Walk ins all Day today💥@incognitotattoo

@pattoos is rocking it out all day tomorrow!!! #incognitotattoo

I felt very honoured to welcome a new member to the “tattoo club” over the weekend. Thank you, Kathleen, for trusting me with this little posy for your ankle! #flowertattoo #poppies #lupine #saraloutattoo #incognitotattoo

I’ve been building a full sleeve for Kurtis, basically composing a giant retro space scene. He’s a new bit, of one of his twin sons. Thanks mate!! #blackandgreytattoo #flyingsaucer #spacetattoo #retrospace #saraloutattoo #incognitotattoo

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