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To celebrate the CWS' 100th Anniversary, the district of Texas came together for a day of awards, treats, and fun! They even had a special guest, which they themed their celebration after, Sweetie!! All of the INC Kids in Texas got to spend some quality time with their family and friends, and snap a few happy photos with Sweetie and Shalina! How fun! Happy 100th Anniversary to the Children's Worship Service organization! Praises be unto God!

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Thandiwe Songwaxa had almost lost all hope of getting to New York in time for the Oratorio. Despite two denied applications for a tourist visa at the US Embassy in South Africa, Thandiwe persisted in attending the regular devotional prayers and practices in preparation for the event. By God's grace and mercy, her third try proved to be miraculous, as she was granted the approval to travel to the United States for this once-in-a-lifetime event. She hopes that this event will be inspiring to the brethren, especially to those in Africa, where she believes the language of music can help to edify even in times when all hope seems lost.

See more photos from the Oratorio on #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo #music #oratorio

Ester Barroso-Guerzon is no stranger to the stage. As a veteran performer on both Broadway and the West End, Ester has graced the stages of multiple theatres, as well as the floor of the Philippine Arena as an actress, singer, and dancer for the Centennial Ceremonies.

Although operatic singing is not her forte, she refers to the challenging process as an experience that "turned out to be one of the most humbling and unforgettable experiences" in her life. See more images from the oratorio on #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

Congratulations to the local congregation of Stockton, California! Check out the story on the rededication of this historic house of worship on this week's INC News World! #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

The David Geffen Hall stage at the Lincoln Center was filled to its capacity tonight for the first Oratorio of the INC outside of the Philippines.

Stay tuned to @inc50west for more updates.

INC Symphonic Orchestra and Choir take on the David Geffen Hall Stage at Lincoln Center. Stay tuned for more updates. #IglesiaNiCristo #inc50west #oratorio2018 #lincolncenter

Tim Crane from Rockland, New York and wife Eliza Crane eagerly await to enter David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center. Tim has attended a concert and opera at the famous venue, and is now excited to attend the Oratorio featuring the INC Symphonic Orchestra and Choir. #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

Larry Rock, Grammy Award winning audio director, with brother Rod Ramos, minister of the gospel and oratorio conductor, moments before the Oratorio in David Geffen Hall, in New York City's Lincoln Center. The 13- time Grammy nominated and 4-time winner will be doing the audio recording for the Oratorio. #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo #grammys

While on her way to perform as part of the Oratorio in New York City on Sunday, Thandiwe, a vocalist from South Africa, took the opportunity to share her faith as a member of the Church Of Christ. #IglesiaNiCristo #inc50west #oratorio2018 #incafrica #ijustsharedmyfaith

Marcel Voshol from Amsterdam has been playing the trombone for 25 years, starting in a marching band when he was younger. He went to school for music, where he studied the trumpet and trombone. He later returned to school in 2011 to study conducting.

This weekend, he is part of the INC Symphonic Orchestra performing at the Oratorio at David Geffen Hall, in New York City's Lincoln Center. "That’s a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s a true blessing from our Father that He gave me the skills to play an instrument, and now, He’s chosen me to be part of the Orchestra here in New York, and later on in the hall, in David Geffen Hall. It’s unimagineable." #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

Father and son instrumentalists David and Austin Sharpe from Bellmore, New York play bassoon side by side during the Oratorio rehearsal.

David is largely Austin's inspiration in learning how to play instruments. Together, they play a multitude of instruments, including the guitar and piano. The father and son played played together during the oratorio in 2014 in the Philippines. #inc50west #oratorio2018 #IglesiaNiCristo

Noli Mercado takes us back to 1988 to #RememberWhen he decided to create a painting for the local congregation of Toronto, Ontario.

Your #TriviaTuesday question this week is: why did he do it?

Log onto to listen to Noli’s story, and leave your answer in the comments. We’ll let you know on Friday on our IG story if you win!

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