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INC members, from as far as the Greater Toronto Area, travelled upto 18 hours to witness the dedication of the first house of worship in the Maritimes region, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Stay tuned for the update from INCNews World. #inc50west

"I was here to see the first group of choir members to be assembled in the Maritimes area...I saw them have their WS in brethren's homes, and then burst out of the seams due to the fast growth of the Church!! I was there when additional group worship services were added, among other firsts. To once again be a part of a Maritimes' milestone--the first ever chapel to be dedicated in this area --- to witness brethren in Halifax worship in a humble, but yet glorious chapel, together with other brethren from this district, is a humbling honour. It is a testament that God, without a shadow of a doubt, is looking after the Church. I look forward to hear the hymns sung with passion... hymn singing filled with reverie, pride, and thanksgiving." – Emmanuel Perez, Choir Director, District of Canada 2, who drove almost 1800 km from Toronto to Halifax to prepare and lead the choir for the chapel dedication held today. #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

"I'm just so happy that family is here and that my children can grow with open hearts and minds within the Church Of Christ." - Jerome and Agnes Turingan with their children, Bettina and Marcus. In 2017, Marcus became the first child offered in the history of the local congregation of Halifax. #inc50west

"I'm 86 years old, and my whole life I've been looking for a church that's truly dedicated to the Bible, the true Church. And I found that in the Church Of Christ. This is my first time attending a chapel dedication, and I'm so proud. I hope to see one soon in my home province, in Prince Edward Island." - Ivan Mackenzie, from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island was amongst those who witnessed the first chapel dedication in the Maritimes region of Canada, in the local congregation of Halifax, Nova Scotia. #inc50west #halifax #IglesiaNiCristo

“Everybody has been very congenial and kind, glad to have them for neighbours. I’m very pleased that a Church has moved in here, and that you’re believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.” -- Deborah Beck lives in the same community of the new house of worship of the local congregation of Halifax, Nova Scotia. #inc50west #canada2

The reach of the Church Of Christ continues to extend its reach to more and more communities throughout North America – even in the farthest coastal cities of the continent.

Just four years since a group worship service was established in the Atlantic Ocean port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a permanent house of worship, located at 14 Strath Lane Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was dedicated to God in a worship service led by the District Minister, Brother Rod Bruno.
With the new house of worship, the local congregation is certain to continue in the on-going missionary work they have participated in since they first began gathering together in Nova Scotia.
Congratulations to the local congregation of Halifax!

Stay tuned to @inc50west for the update on the dedication of the house of worship of the local congregation of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Congratulations to the local congregation of Notre Dame de Lourdes, District of Canada 3 on the dedication of their new house of worship. God's graces continue to be manifested around the world with the increase in places of worship for many more to be able to come together in worship of Him. Praise be to our Almighty God!

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"Even though I travelled many hours to be here, it is always a privilege to witness the special worship service led by Brother Eduardo Manalo because it reignites my spiritual strength." -
Grace Rosales (left) with her parents, Perlita and Carlito Guinto, drove for about 12 hours from Surrey, British Columbia, to witness the dedication of the house of worship in Calgary, Alberta.

“I was born in the Church. I pretty much grew up here. I remember so much memories playing outside the chapel." “I was excited because it was going to be Ka Eduardo who will officiate the dedication of the chapel. The brethren really deserved a beautiful house of worship because of their sacrifices” “It’s so amazing to see the renovation and have other people notice the chapel. When I heard about it [dedication], I made it my priority to be here because I’ve seen it from the beginning (of the renovation) to the end. I’m just so proud that we have a chapel to call our own finally.” - JR Pintes, Riverbend, Alberta.
#inc50west #iglesianicristo

"We couldn’t help but feel very emotional during the dedication of the chapel.
We came to Canada in the ‘70s, and we went to Winnipeg for special gatherings because we lived in Medicine Hat, where there was no established congregation yet.

In the ‘70s there were only about 50 of us in this region, and now, we have no idea because there are so many members now!" - Virgilio and Teresita Zoreta joined Church of Christ members from across Canada to witness the rededication of the Calgary house of worship. #inc50west #IglesiaNiCristo

"I came here at midnight. I wanted to be inside the chapel, so I could feel the Holy Spirit. Whenever I see Ka Eduardo Manalo face to face or in the same room, just like the last time he visited us, everything is so clear; it strengthens my faith.

I wanted to help our local with the renovation. I helped with sanding the pews, and we brought up the actual pieces of the podium in the chapel. It feels great to have a beautiful house of worship!" -

Jesse Kafka is just one of the many INC members from Calgary, Alberta who volunteered to help in renovation of the new house of worship in the local congregation of Alberta. He, along with other INC members from all across Canada, attended the special worship service led by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, to rededicate the house of worship in Calgary.

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