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INA DAYLE  Founder | @INADAYLEskin truly natural skin + hair care artist - designer [email protected] $1/ each product is donated to Lyme Disease research

#coffeetime by the beach sounds like the recipe for a perfect day 😏🙃 #inadayle

One more step and they'll be ready to go! 😜😏 #coffeetime #INADAYLE

If you have your health, I beg you.. please stop focusing on the trivial shit and realize how blessed you actually are. Take that solo trip to India, launch your business, create whatever you want. Just stop letting fear dictate your life. Because if you're lucky enough to have your health you have everything you need, so just DO!
And for those like me who don't have their health, there will be more challenges than usual.. it will be hard, really fucking hard. But you can do whatever you put your mind to.
Stop believing otherwise and just DO.
The truth is, I'm building this brand while mostly bedridden, I run it 99% of the time from under covers. It's not easy, not even close. But it is absolutely worth it, and achievable.
So what's stopping you? - Ina

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#coffeetime, for skin that glows ✨

Winter got your skin dry and flakey?

Try this:
•shake some CHILL bath salts into your bath
•scrub with #mermaidscrub • soak and relax

Then, simply enjoy your baby soft skin!
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happy love day! 🙃
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The perfect all in one scrub for all skin types, especially dry winter skin. • for those who have been requesting more mermaid scrub, we're (finally) restocked! Get yours now @ (link in bio)
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#NYC | take some me-time and unwind with our CHILL bath salts, now available at @inscapelife
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100% truly natural hair mask, serum and detangler all in one.
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Happy birthday to this babe who's just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside! 💕

Goals AF🔥🙌🏼 -- ps. only a few coffee time scrubs left 🙊get yours today, before they're all gone!


How to keep the booty soft..
Step 1: scrub with #coffeetime
Step 2: enjoy! 😜