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𝓴𝓪𝓽𝓮🧸  after effects cc 2018!🥰💘

finnwolfhard cult is recruiting!✨
hi guys, we’re recruiting for the second time!
rules to enter:
-follow host @thestrangedits and @finnwolfhardcult
-and atleast 5 members:
@adorefadie2.0 @bigtozier @brisfilms @erikavoidsx @forevafinn @halfwayhcppy @happyfinniie @huhmike @ily.wheeler @f.nnsuwu @imwolfhard @isa.films @kaiwolfhard @mikewheelr_ @oksfinnie @omgf.nn @pmwolfhard @r.euveus.e @ronnie.aep @void.finn @voidwolfhvrd @w.lfhvrd @winters.aep @wolfhard.vlp @wolfhardpanda @wolfhardsun @wolfhvrrd @yuhbyerss @yuhkayla
-tag 3 friends that would like to join☁️
-post this on story
-put 2-3 edits under #fwcultrct2
-be active in the groupchat!
groupchat will be on discord and we dont know the due date yet.
enter if youre not scared from becoming a crackhead ;)

maybe he snapped🤭
ac: @chanelwxheeler
ib: halfwayhcppy kinda
cc: richlorenn
cover cc: s.oftmillie
sc: duhbyler, keerishima, s.oftmillie
dt: finnwolfhardcult!!! & tagged
#boxmanrct2 #wlfhrdrct3

- mbf hosts @kaspbrak.aep @strangr.wolfhard @anqel.aep - and at least 3 members @euphoricgrazer @gmm_msp @imwolfhard @maxma.yfield @chipotle.mp4 @heyschnapp @s.oftsarah @plxnrs
- tag 2-3 active editors - post this on your story - put your edits under the #paragønrct2
- group chat will be on instagram but there’s also one on imessage - due is 28th march
only try out if you know you’ll be active!
#grprct #omgpage

happy (late) bday millie!!! i’m so bad at paragraphs but i love you SO MUCH and i hope i get to see you april!
ac: mkzboo (edited)
ib: voguesink (the first part)
cc: richlorenn
cc (cover): s.oftmillie
sc: 1 duhbyler and like 2 keerishima
dt: @milliebobbybrown and melia bc she sent me the voiceover😔✌🏻
watch this flop
#lumenscout4 #wlfhrdrvmp #sadiesinkcultrct3

finn wolfhard ladies and gentlemen!!🤤
welcome to kate trying to be creative and failing🥺🥺
ac: eclysiqns (like 5% ib)
ib: maxine!! (r.euveuse)
cc: monetizd
cover coloring: s.oftmillie
dt_ all my crackheads in the #finnwolfhardcult 🥰 & tagged

happy birthday to my bestieee!!! i love u and i hope u like this because i had to hunt down all ur stans🥰
sc_duhbyler & keerishima
this is rlly simple lmao
#happybirthdaybelle #imziegler

quick collab part for sam ( @heyschnapp ) that i added coloring & my watermark to🥰
song: replay- iyaz
[after effects]
#ʟᴏsᴠᴇʀsgrprct #wolfhvrdrct2 #fwcrct1 #sadiesinkcultrct3

ilysmss🥰 @sadiesink_
ac/ib_ euphoricgrazer :)
rip quality oof
song: classic -mkto [after effects]
#ʟᴏsᴠᴇʀsgrprct #sadiesinkcultrct3

keep her happy🥰
cc_s.oftmillie (she changed her user idk what it is i’m sorry)
sc_keerishima on yt
song: the a team- ed sheeran #atlantia2019 #neptunérst #mèlongrprct


ok new theme with actual coloring lmao

ignore xoxox

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