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Ummu Syafiqah Azlan 

How I wish I can be the only child hahahahaha! 👨‍👩‍👧🙊

Yeay, time to find a real job and treat us to some good food! #congradulations

Just me trying to get affirmation from my husband that I was pretty and still am. So I showed him this picture of me in my pre-wedding makeup trial. “How, pretty not? Pretty not?” Penatkan layan isteri macam ni @fauzanium ? 😝 The tudung was being put on anyhow only and there’s a bit of eyeliner stain on my cheek cause I couldn’t keep still. I even asked him to make this photo his phone wallpaper but he said it would scare him having that big face constantly looking at him. Situation’s different now cause I think I’m just too happy and can’t stop eating (excuses) so I’m less pretty? But I hope I’ll forever be pretty to you eyyy husband? Hahahaha kay bye خلاص!

The last class for the semester! My first level 6000 module and was initially chickened out by the mountains of readings that we were required to do. 12 weeks have passed and I am still chickened out (by said readings) but Dr Liang was so chill that it kinda made me lepak too. Thank you for the semester, thank you for the awesome knowledge and thank you for offering to write our reference letters should we decide to become lame (his word, not mine) academics. #religioninthecontemporaryworld

This time with baby Sofea. 💞

Thanks to @who_merah ‘s ultra vintagey and extra hip camera. And I love it that we looked so young! 😎

Was forced to take cringe-worthy photos by Auntie Yasmin but the sunset made it all worth it. Thanks @raneeya.ahmed for all the effort and hard work. 😝

It was a good session with Sha’s lipstick on! 😂❤️

Thank you for the past year. To many more years with you, inshaaAllah. I love you Fauzan Arif! ❤️ #firstanniversary #yeay #woohooo

Budak gembira dapat beli dua katoshka. Alangkah tamaknya...

Sekolah dah nak mula, jom kita belajar sama-sama? 😝 📸: @who_merah

Let’s be pretty and selenger together forever, kay? 😂❤️

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