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  What if the skies and the stars are for show and the aliens are watching live || FSU phi delt || Jax

For Rebekah bc I miss her gay ass and her contagious positive vibes

Happy birthday Macy
and yee-fucking-haw 🤠

Aside from me, everything was white ❄️

BOOM! Big reveal, I turned myself into a nigga MORTY! IM NIGGA RICK!!!

I had to swim through a marsh, jump a barbed wire fence, and climb a tree to save Gilly from a house fire and my cowboy hat stayed on the entire time

One year closer to death homie, happy 21st 🎉

Added some color to stop the blackout

On the playground is where I spent most of my days

Traveled to Wayne's world

Django rushed Phi Delt

And we back

So much friendship in one picture #tbt

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