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LGBTQ WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Steph Grant Photography + @PromoteLoveMovement Available Worldwide for intimate weddings, elopement adventures, stories & speaking gigs. #PromoteLove

Find someone who will run in the storm with you. Someone who makes you lose your breath from laughter and who never gets tired of making you feel like a million bucks. 🌲

Island wedding adventure begins tomorrow with these two in St. Croix. Jeep tours, mimosas and many more unexpected dips to come. 🌴🥂

Woke up to @elliottsailors happy face promoting love. 3 very important things for living your ultimate life: Live True. Be happy. Promote Love. You'll be surprised how things can take off for you once you start focusing on these things. We only have this one life...make it count. Thanks for being you and for taking #PromoteLove around the world. 🖤: @promotelovemovement

Oh, hey girl hey. Time for wedding festivities! [even though I look pissed.]

Oh hey guys! I don't run wedding "specials" often...maybe once a year BUT oh it's happening. Have you been thinking about planning an elopement? An adventure of sorts with your honey? Here's the April of 2018 I will be on a tiny island in the Philippines with an incredible couple for their wedding adventure. I'm toying with the idea of staying over in that part of the world for a month. So I am offering 1 other wedding/elopement while I'm there. Thailand maybe? Let's plan it together and get some once in a lifetime shots. If you know a couple who might be a perfect fit have tag them below and have em message me! 🌴🥂

These girls made it on and some of my other photos made their way around media today too. I post mostly positive things but sometimes it's necessary to post some of the negative (posted on my FB). It's not all rainbows and glitter...that's not reality. When my wedding images go viral or just make their way around I make it a point not to read the comments. Unless they comment on my actual website then I have it set that I have to approve them because some of my content has over 1m views and the comments are absolutely VULGAR. Those don't make the cut bc I don't want kids or anyone reading that crap from a lot of religious people. The ones I posted...just a casual reminder from complete strangers. "You're going to hell but gorgeous photos." *slowest eye roll* ps: this one was one of the sweeter ones that I've gotten over the years. It took a long time but I can finally say these no longer hit me at my core. Progress:) Only time for love. 🌈 @promotelovemovement

Flashback to tonight 2 years ago from a solo adventure in Hawaii....Have you ever just had so much to say that you don't know where to begin? I am rarely speechless. What a day. Today I have spent a majority of my time watching all of the love on social media. I also spent my afternoon talking with incredible high schoolers in Waimea & hearing their love stories. They read me poems they had written about love and fear of love. This group of teenagers has encouraged me to dig deeper into my heart. Cannot wait to share their Promote Love stories with you soon. Even though I may have missed a few celebrations and parties back time on this island with them has been exactly what I needed. Sometimes things don't go as planned but it all happens for a reason. My heart is happy. This day not only means a lot to me personally but to my friends & clients. We have all worked so hard for this. I have made my entire career about sharing love stories & showing you what love looks like from my point of view. We all have stories that deserve to be told. I can't tell you how proud I am of the progress we have made. All things love! Keep promoting love. This is just the beginning...❤️🌈

After following each other on Instagram for awhile…I finally met Julie and Amber the day I flew in for their wedding! We immediately went from the airport to brunch on the beach to kick off their couples shoot! I remember laughing so hard at that brunch. I cried and wiped my tears with my napkin and got part of that napkin in my eyeball. Then we convinced an older gentleman to let us borrow his Mustang. Ahh memories. We ended their wedding night with Amber breaking out in the best worm I’ve ever seen to date and the 3 of us jumping fully clothed into the ocean at 3am. Fresh blog post up & behind the scenes coming in a few mins to my IG story xo

Be with someone who makes you laugh until you allllllmost pee your pants.

I get to travel a lot for weddings and ever single one is so dreamy. Where do you want to get married? Let's go on an adventure.

I have arrived in paradise [St. Thomas]. Just spent the last 3 hours hanging out with my seat mates. We talked about everything under the sun...from burning man, religion, documentaries to adventures in Alaska, Banff and Europe. They let me write in their journal and even offered me a ride! Go out of your way to talk with people. So happy to have met Gail and Maria. Ready for a painkilla, sunshine and wedding festivities with these stunners and their whole crew!!

Having a moment while getting a pedicure and had to get sappy. This past weekend I photographed my friends getting married...I have been friends with Randi for a decade and Kendall, ahh it just feels like I've know her the same amount of time. These girls are two of the sweetest, "got your back no matter what" kind of girls. They've watched my dog, they've cried with me, laughed w/ me til our sides hurt and most of all supported me and my biz throughout the years (even when we would have to eat at chicken express bc I was broke). While I was at their wedding shooting I took a sec to look around and saw @blairelormand & @texadian_ and @cassie_brownn & @k_bauman there. The next day I went to brunch with @tarynelena & @jennamacaroni (all past clients). Tomorrow I'm headed to St. Thomas for @lexevents and @highspeed9 wedding! A lot of these couples keep in touch and it just makes my heart happy. Basically I have the best client friends a girl could ask for. Thank you @theinvisibletomboy & @thecasemaster for working your butts off with me and putting up with my crazy brains xo

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