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I just did a high kick because this week on my IG live Q&A is none other than Angel & Monica! Ask us some questions below and we'll answer them Wednesday evening. Can't wait to hang with you.

My love for you is real.

Don't mind if we do. I don't post a bunch of personal photos on my feed anymore but couldn't help myself....love this crew to the maximum!

"I used to write about gay celibacy, so it seems important to tell you about my fiancé! I believe my years of singleness have made our relationship stronger because we learned how to find life and joy outside of each other. Neither of us was looking for someone to rescue or complete the other. While we’re certainly attentive to each other’s needs, our love inspires us to look outward and welcome others in, to expand our sense of family to include others in our community." - Julie. Hi friends, Steph here!! It's question time! I'm having my very first IG Live Hang this Friday night from a rooftop in D.C. As promised, once a month I'm going to be having rad guests hang out with us & YOU get to ask the questions. No one better to kick it off than Amanda Hite & Julie Rodgers! Comment below with some questions for us, give them a follow & tune in around 8pm-ish EST! [more from their love story in my IG story link.] We're excited to hang with you! ❤

I remember seeing her at 10th and Piedmont, months before I could actually remember her name. She was always dressed so weird – like, tall leather boots with skinny jeans and a crop top and a snapback hat. I just didn’t get it. But I was drawn to her. Super intrigued. I thought she was so, so gorgeous. We were obviously (cosmically) attracted to each other from the jump and hit it off seamlessly. We had good conversation immediately. We honestly wanted to know everything about each other. When I asked her on our first date to Ecco (where we both ate nothing because we were so nervous) I remember feeling so anxious. I felt like there was so much riding on that date! 🌴

Proud to be living in Texas where people from all over are coming together to help out because we are all human and deserve love. With your help The @promotelovemovement has raised around $500 through shirt sales and donations. I'm going to Costco today to get water, toiletries, socks, baby food & dog food to take to a drop off location here in Dallas where some friends and I will be helping to package. The rest of the donations will be going directly to the @montrosecenter & animal shelters in Houston. Friends in the Houston area...if there's anything else I can do to help please let me know! Such a helpless feeling. Help donate by either buying a #PromoteLove shirt (link in bio) or scrolling below shirts and donating a custom amount. Will be uploading behind the scenes on our Instagram. Thank you!! Every little bit helps. Tag a friend who might be interested in helping me. Love you guys! See you tonight for live hang/ Q&A on IG before I head out to package up goods!

I’m a sucker for backroads and taking the long way home. After a few gorgeous beach weddings… I was craving a good road trip in the mountains. A hot cup of coffee and no set plans. I love pulling over and getting lost, meeting new people and learning about small towns. Added bonus if there’s crisp air to breathe in and a love story waiting to be told when I arrive at my destination. Meet Claire and Lauren! Fresh blog post up. Link in my story. 🌲

Goooood morning!! It's me, Steph. Guess what! I'm doing a live Instagram video Q&A once a week starting next Wednesday night. Once a month I'll have new guests on the live show for Q&A. Couples you've seen on my IG feed, friends killing it in the wedding industry and just all around awesome human beings. More details to come on that BUT for now...what are you dying to know? Ask me questions below and I'll do my best to answer next week. Don't be shy! I'm stoked to hang with you guys. ❤

Last month we jetted off to St. Croix for Kat & Paige's brunch wedding on the beach, muddy jeep adventures that left us filthy, endless beverages, casino nights and hours of karaoke. I’m a sucker for an intimate wedding on a beach and this one did not disappoint. 🌴 Where do you want to get married? [Fresh story up on the blog!]

We sure did make the most of those few days in San Francisco. Packed in a sunset cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge, had dinner at Bubba Gumps, snuck onto fire escapes like champs, hiked up a few hills in the cold wind to “get the shot”, & then rented a car and drove to Napa for some wine tasting. I cannot believe the amount of support they had at City Hall. It was like a family. They literally had a cheering section of strangers! If I wasn’t taking photos I would have cried. Happy 3 year anniversary Court & Suzy! Xo

The question I get asked most frequently….”Steph, so you just fly out and meet these couples/complete strangers for the first time and stay with them? Then go on adventures? Aren’t you afraid for your life?” The answer is no. I am not worried about getting Stephnapped. The same way I am not really afraid of turbulence…it makes me feel alive. I’m not worried about sitting on the edge of a cliff to get a shot. I get it. It’s not for everyone. Think about it though…what a way to go! Sometimes I wonder how I am going to die. Heck, I could die in the comfort of my own home choking on a piece of steak OR I could die meeting new people, going on road trips and snapping gorgeous views. My clients are awesome. Happy birthday @christianecordero

I’ll go first since I was the stalker in this story (Randi). I met Kendall for the first time at summer camp when I was 12. We were 2 grades apart, so we didn’t hang in the same circles, but OMG she was soooo cool to me. I wanted to be her friend in the worst way. We became acquaintances but never really hung out. So…naturally when I was in my 20s reminiscing about my summers in Austin at camp I decided to Facebook stalk the coolest girl I could remember. I creeped her page super hard, and sent her a couple messages asking if she ever wanted to get a drink sometime. She didn’t respond for a year. No lie. I finally met Kendall as an adult when I was 28. The incessant FB messages paid off. We met at Capitol Pub. I know what she wore. White v-neck, jeans, and a forest green field jacket. I was hooked on her laugh and her smile instantly. I still am. ❤ What's the first thing you remember thinking when seeing your babe? Talk to me. Xo

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