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Imran Moraga  '97🇸🇬 Half-blood Malay/Pinoy🎵 Just another Potato🥔 Dance will forever be part of my life 💃🏼

Day 49, I was a potato from NA that moved up to EXP. These potatoes help me with my transition. Thank you guys. A lot missing from this pic but yea. Hahahaha.

Day 48, these are potatoes I made closely with these coupls of years in NS. They made it bearable for me in NS. Missing 2 other guys.

Day 47, people on Monday feel blue. I today damn shag from 24 hrs of work no sleep. Then got assaulted then go back home sleep on and off coz my baby sis kept pestering me. Then now I gg out. At least I look good. If I dont look good. Die. FUCK nvr cut hair.

Day 46, I miss this day. I look good even with the mask. Thank you @mediacorp_suria @mediamorphosis for the opportunity. I also wanna thank those who went on the journey with me to the competition @nurrulnamira_ @_sotonggg @_mysweetsuga_ @__xkoi__ @xninix___ . This competition has been a real eye opener. I wish to do it soon again. Thank you for the feedback @alifaircho @ganikarim @najipali . Hope to improve and showcase more soon.

Day 45, this is me on a boring day. Just let loose and waack loose. If ya'll wanna dance and sesh, HIT ME UP.

Day 44, HAHHAHAA oh shit. I was so busy ystd I forgot post day 44. Fml. I am so screwed with timing. Yesterday was just damn hectic. Istg.

Day 43, i just pray this would not be my last competition. I really do hope to dance once more again. If anybody wanna go a competition with me. Hit me up.

Day 42, I miss our times together. Our outings were really great together.

Day 41, just keep smiling. Even on your worst day. Keep smiling.

Day 40, to those who has ever met me. I hope you dont regret knowing me.

Day 39, I look like a puffball. Help me people. I need to look good.

Day 38, I never would have thought that this will be my last. It is very disheartening. May we cross path soon.

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