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#3MonthsPostPartum .... FEELING good! (emphasis on feeellliiiinnnnggggg). I've been working on my internal health lately - meditation, affirmations, positive thinking, physical therapy (strengthening my transverse abdominals) and working out in the gym 2/3 days a week. It's great to look good but feeling good is so much more rewarding!
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My oldest daughter, Steele, is two & a half. At this age, parents pretty much expect the "temper tantrums" & "unruly or bad behavior" but I'm trying to looking at these moments through a different lens. Steele is testing her boundaries & trying to figure out the best way to manage her anger and frustrations. It's trial and error and we are trying to allow her the time and space to do so. My hope as a parent is that I can help her navigate through the hardships to cause her and those around her the least pain. Ryan and I are devoted to spending more time outside and in nature, which we hope will give Steele a better sense of peace & calmness within herself. 💫
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Getting ready to take a little Mother's Day stroll with this little one while the sun is still out and shining. Hoping this one will take a nap so I can have a little quiet time by myself. Blessed & forever thankful to be a mother, not just today but everyday. Wishing all you mamas out there a beautiful day full of love ❤️

Also, check out the last day of @nativewilds sale on the Nest (all-in-one car seat cover, nursing cover & grocery cart cover). Use the code "LOVEYOUMOTHER" for 25% off!! 〰
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Nothing like a little spring cleaning to spruce up the bedside vibes (especially after having a newborn). Thanks to @google for adding to my morning zen routine with a little soothing meditation music. Starting my day with 10 minutes of personal time while everyone sleeps is a must these days! 👌🏽
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One of the things I love most about children is their innocence & carefree spirit. This picture is a subtle reminder for me to never neglect the child inside me. 💫 Stay Young, Stay Wild, Stay Free, My Friends 💫 #RaisingWisdom

Most of the things I wanted to see or do on this trip, I couldn't because of this little girl. She hates her car seat, HATES it! Like screams at the top of her lungs and cries type of hate, which makes it hard to go anywhere that requires us to get in the car. I've tried pretty much every pacifier in the book, to NO avail. I've tried singing, playing music, a few toys and nothing has worked. So for this trip I came to terms that we just needed to stay local, walk as much as we can and keep this little girl happy. I'm just glad we made it to the beach! #SmallVictories
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I genuinely love seeing other people happy and wholeheartedly pursuing their dreams, especially when those people are near & dear to my heart. So proud to be rocking my best friend @brittanykozerski amazing swimsuit line @jadeswim -- fits like a glove & makes this mama of 2 feel like I'm strutting the runway like a Victoria Secret model lol. .
Cheers to friends who constantly remind us to keep pushing ourself, to never give up and to keep striving for greatness!! 🥂

Taking in this rare moment of peace & quiet -- deep breath in & WOOOOOSAHHHH 🙏🏽

Beach Babes 👭Successful day at the beach, taking in this beautiful view!!

Nap time in this beautiful sanctuary! This @airbnb was a great find! 🙌🏽 Also, another must have travel essential, our baby monitor. I love the fact that Sage can quietly sleep in another room (or on another floor) and I can still keep an eye on her while monitoring the room temperature in this humid weather. .
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M O R N I N G • V I E W S
This house was beautiful but not very kid friendly & a little too far from the beach for us so we decided to move to another house closer to town. With 2 kids (especially with a new baby), convenience is key so you make choices that work in their best favor. So glad I had a moment to enjoy myself (alone) in this bed, with this view! .
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On our first trip out of the country as a family of 4, so I'm sharing my favorite travel essentials for an infant & toddler #UpOnTheBlog. Check it out -- link in my bio. .
Can't wait to share some of our adventures with you all from Mexico soon! 🌴☀️✈️🏖
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