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Imp  I grow stuff, and work at a shop... Also, I don't post much.

Some #inzaneinthemembrane from @theethosway growin out nicely. This strain is absolutely my favorite for pressing rosin - stuff peels off the paper like a fruit roll-up haha.

Some #inzaneinthemembrane from @theethosway I chopped and hung. Love everything of theirs I've grown. Nice dense chunky flowers on the inzane -not as much stretch as the lilac. Terps are alao more subtle and limey than the loud floral of the lilac or the saturating fuel aroma I got from the crescendo.

So new brand at the shop #suiteleaf - great job on that soluability guys - looks like all the nutes are on the bottom #chemistryfail

Little fresh squeezed #milkbone rosin, got @greenteamgenetics to thank for this gooey, resinous strain.

Some #milkbone rosin I pressed up... Stuff peels right off the parchment like taffy in copious ribbons of translucent amber honey... Fragrent as hell, and delightfully smooth.

Some #milkbone nugs from @greenteamgenetics for the wake and bake... Actually smells more like citrus or some kinda fruit after curing up a bit. My nose is worthless - tastes good though!

Some #milkbone from @greenteamgenetics I trimmed up. Weighty well formes buds, dusted with resin - definitely high on the skunky terps - a bit of a... Sour milk and feet aroma with a bit of a cheesey funk. Nice color - though I didn't chill it enough to bring out the purps it seems - ice water flush next run.

Some #milkbone buds I'm trimming up. Really nice buds on her - the aroma reminds me of spoiled milk and gym lockers. This @greenteamgenetics strain is sure to appeal to the skunkier bud fans.

Some of @greenteamgenetics #milkbone coming along nicely in week 6. Loving the smell of this one, stacking nicely with frost, dense buds. Definitely a winner, can't wait to try some of his newer strains! Growing this batch with 480 watts of @horticulturelightinggroup #quantumboards - these leds are fantastic to work with.

Peeking in on some lilac d and inzane in the membrane from ethos. Been lazy - but its lookin good.

Clones are lookin good to transplant! Lilac deisel and inzane in the membrane there. Just water and a dip in the elite 91 clones does the job.

Couple #milkbone from @greenteamgenetics under a few quantum boards. Been a bit lazy with the canopy but they're looking pretty stacked. Tight internodal spacing abd a decent bit of frost so far, looking forward to seeing them develop.

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