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Imperfect produce  We deliver "ugly" produce to your door at a 30-50% discount. Now in LA, Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee!

See that gorgeous gold pattern on the skin of this Roma tomato? We had a grower stop by our office the other day and explain that this is actually a dealbreaker for grocery stores, who find tomatoes like this unsellable. These type of conversations with farmers get us even more excited to find a home for the "ugly" produce of the world and work to change the meaning of that term. What's your favorite thing to do with tomatoes? πŸ…
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Blemishes, they happen to people and apples too. They're inevitable. How we treat the worlds blemishes, however, isn't inevitable. It's up to us to choose disregard or kindness. What statement are you making with what you eat? 🍎
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This fall, we’re rooting for root vegetables – the perfect addition to any home packed lunch. Whether you’re sending students back to school or looking to upgrade your own midday meal, we’re here to help you knock the lunchbox game out of the park. What’s your favorite way to incorporate tasty produce into a packable lunch?

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Which asparagus would you buy? Did you know that when asparagus plants experience a growth spurt due to hot, dry weather, the tips spread apart like you see on the right? While this is perfectly natural and doesn't affect the flavor, grocery stores see it as a flaw and will not buy asparagus that looks like this. We say that all asparagus deserves a chance to be appreciated. πŸ’š

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Magical things happen when we share food with the people we care about. To prove it, all month long we'll be donating a meal to a food bank for every #giveimperfect hashtag that gets used on social media in honor of our 3rd birthday. At the end of the month, we'll let a lucky customer pick the food bank that gets to receive all of that love and nourishment. Will you join us in celebrating the power of giving? πŸ₯•πŸ’šπŸ™Œ #giveimperfect #thankfulthursday

Today is our 3rd birthday! In just 3 short years we have:
Donated over half a million pounds of produce to food banks, expanded to 7 cities across the US, and recovered over 30 million pounds of produce!
As we celebrate, we want to thank everyone whose support has helped us get this far, especially our inspiring farm partners, our hard-working employees, and our loyal customers! What do you hope to see from Imperfect in the next 3 years? πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ #giveimperfect #imperfectproduce

Y'all hungry for some fruits and veggies? We start delivering to San Antonio at the end of the month! Who has friends in Texas? Tag them below to help us grow and rack up some referral credits while you're at it! We can't wait to take our mission to end food waste to another wonderful state. Where should we expand to next?
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100 thousand cheers for 100 thousand friends! When we started this company 3 years ago we never would have dreamed that 100,000 people on Instagram would care about food waste or the plight of the ugly produce of the world. Today we are humbled and honored by your support. Thanks so much to every single one of you for believing in us! πŸ₯‘πŸ‘πŸ’ #imperfectproduce #uglyproduce

Everyone loves πŸ‰s in the summer, but when was the last time you showed aπŸ‰ radish some love? These righteous roots look unassuming on the outside but are positively gorgeous on the inside! What do you like to do with radishes?
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What's with all the hype about Shiitake mushrooms? Well, first off, they're a great source of the magical fifth taste of umami and bring a magical savory flavor to any dish you add them to. They're also packed full of vitamins and minerals and are actually the only vegetable that has vitamin D! What a special ingredient! Do you like to cook with Shiitake mushrooms?
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What inspires us? Our employees! Thanks to the kind hearts of folks like Marlana, we're able to donate over 40,000 pounds of produce every week to communities in need. Marlana coordinates produce donations in every city we deliver in, including the free farmers market SF that we host twice a week outside of our SF office. Tag a friend that inspires you! ❀️
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What's wrong with this 🍊? You tell us! Would you buy an orange that looked like this?
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