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“It seems weird that community would take bravery, but it really does cause us so much fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of hurt. Fear of failure. Fear. Fear. Fear. Well we say fear is a LIAR!
Lies! Fear is not of the Lord. Our Lord is mighty! So get out and slay the fear dragon!”
Taken right out of our community study. Truth bomb and community challenge this week. Be brave! Start that Bible Study, invite that woman to start a prayer group, start mentoring someone. Do the thing! Don’t let fear trip you up. Go Girl,

Prayer is where it’s at ladies. It just is. We can’t make you do it but we can live it out for you. This morning there were two women who met at a table with coffee and hope
We prayed over our joys and our burdens. The spirit sat with us, Jesus whispered our names in the presence of the almighty King. This morning angels were sent to battle on our behalf as God heard and responded
This morning two girls sat at a table while God moved mountains with his love. This is prayer, this is holy spaces, this is Imperfectly Brave.

Whitney here! This weekend, I went to the Words Conference with Lisa Whittle. She gave a message that was so powerful, I will be going back to it again + again. Lisa speaks out of her dynamic relationship with our Creator and she doesn’t hold back. She is pure. She is truthful. She is funny. And she is powerful. Lisa is speaking at our Fall event, RED: a prayer experience. We’d love to have you. ❤️ Tickets are here:

PS Tickets are only $25 a person!! Or buy a whole table for $160 (8 of your best friends!!)

May we tremble. #sundayglory

This morning a few of us gathered to pray because we believe this. We believe this more than our to-do lists. More than our strategies. More than our best laid intentions. We believe God is supernatural and He is fighting for us.
If you believe this, what if you found a quiet place to tuck yourself today and what if your prayed? Nothing fancy. Just prayed.
Or what if you texted a few friends and asked them to pray too?
What if today was the day you believed less in yourself and started believing more in God?

Miracles are actually everywhere. Open our eyes, Jesus. We are begging - open our eyes. #sundayglory

As we continue to walk through our 7 week community study with our Facebook group we want to include you in our challenges. This week we are talking about how we are all called to hospitality. We are using the acronym HOST

H- Hands & Feet
O- Obey
T- Tell Them
Hospitality in our homes, churches, and communities is where it’s at! This is where the good stuff happens. Rarely, if, ever, did we see Jesus sitting around twiddling his thumbs. We only see him living with intention.” Want to know more, download out 7 Steps Community Study today. Link is in our profile. Go be a HOST this week!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matt. 7:7-8)
Prayer is just this. Ask, seek, knock- repeat. What are you praying over today?

Whatever is true.
Whatever is honorable.
Whatever is just.
Whatever is pure.
Whatever is lovely.
Whatever is commendable.
Think on these things.

We could choose to dwell in darkness or turn our chins to the warmth of the light. Today we choose light.
What light do you choose today? #sunday

Red is a power color
Prayer is powerful
Join us at RED: A Prayer Experience with @lisawhittle and the Imperfectly Brave team. Registration is open at or click the link in our bio. #redlooksgoodonyou

Our community challenge this week is to be vulnerable. This is hard and scary. It might take some boldness. It might take some forgiveness. It might even mean you may get hurt

But it could also mean being seen, known and loved just how you are. It could also set you free from your chains. How have you seen this play out in your friendships?

Monday’s the prayer group that started it all meets. The group that were part of launching this ministry all those years ago, still faithfully meets at 6:30am on Monday mornings. Sometimes there’s 4 sometimes there’s three. Today there were two. Two plus the Holy Spirit

God has never missed a Monday with us. Our prayers have never gotten lost in the mail. He always hears his girls, always. He has been faithful. He is faithful. He makes our spaces holy. Today we met with the God of the universe, not a bad way to start your week. #imperfectlybrave

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