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Lily Fang  📚Lost and confused student 👩🏻‍💻 Co-curator @thankyoutragedy 🇫🇷 Amoureuse d'une langue ✏️Latest writing-- ⬇️Best by: Study Abroad ⬇️

I wrote a love tragedy memoir.
It's now live on my pride and joy of an online project, @thankyoutragedy.
It's a story that takes me across countries and through months of pondering. It would mean the world to me if you gave it a read. (Link in bio)

The iconic Oxford insta spot... //
Also, PSA: your favorite romantic tragedy memoir website is now on insta! Follow @thankyoutragedy for latest essays and news. Our upcoming piece, to go live in 2 days, is written by one of us co-curators (I'll keep you guessing which one hehe). //
French word of the day: to hit on someone--draguer

When you get a letter from bae: 😍

Thank you, Ohio BMV, for mailing me my license so I no longer have to bring my passport to buy wine🍷
French expression of the day: bursting with joy--débordant(e) de joie

3 miles of walking is a little better when you stumble upon quaint little shops along the way...old travel photos always make me itch to explore again
French expression of the day: It's been ages--ça fait des lustres

I don't like espressos, but I buy them anyways for the nostalgia. La France, tu me manques 💛

French word of the day: octopus--le poulpe 🐙

Quiet evenings

French expression of the day: to crack up--se marrer

Ephemeral aches

French word of the day: font--la police

All smiles because sheep

Also, current mood: going to buy alcohol in America for the first time, bringing your passport as id since you just mailed your drivers license to be renewed, getting real excited about being super extra, and then not even being carded 😅

French word of the day: sheepish--penaud(e) [less common] / gêné(e) [more everyday]

Still wandering through nostalgia

French word of the day: elderflower (a very English plant, often a flavor of very English drinks)--les sureaux

Always scheming to be elsewhere

French expression of the day: crystal clear (figurative)--clair comme l'eau de roche

Still in a daze

French expression of the day: sooner or later--tôt ou tard

16 problem sets, 8 essays, 3 kg of peanut butter, and 1 weird romantic tragedy project later (shameless plug for's time to go home, whatever that means.

Thank you to all the beautiful souls who have made the past 10 months in Europe so resonant. Until next time!

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