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The Impact Project 2017  💣4-Day Seminar for Tattooers & Shop Owners 💥Sept 18 - 21 🏝Atlantic Beach, NC 🎓Hear industry leaders speak 👇View event schedule or buy tickets👇


We chose A Pound of Flesh @apoundofflesh to be a part of this event because they believe what we believe. They solved a problem for tattooers that gave them a high quality solution. Before that, there was only oranges, pig ears, and, meh, sheets of practice skin. These guys, Shaun Miller and Abraham Cobaxin, stuck with it no matter how many times they only produced an okay hand. They worked passionately until they produced, not an okay hand, but an awesome hand. They didn't do it to make a buck, they did it because they gave a damn that we had something we could use and enjoy. That's badass. Now @painfulpleasures distributes the product for anyone interested in ordering it. One lucky table of 5 will win a left hand, a right hand, and a plank of flesh. Click the link in our bio to read more and join us!

Ryan @ryanjenkinstattoo took The Impact Project workshop at @tatlantisartfest last November. Here's what he said..."The workshop was extremely useful. Game changing. The information will help me in everything I do. 100% likely to recommend. There's nothing she didn't cover. Anytime she covered something I already knew, she went right into something I didn't. I feel like everything I've learned can be easily applied and definitely help me to better myself and my career." Click the link in our bio to read more testimonials or purchase your tickets today!

We're very excited to have @bonytony666 taking The Impact Project Stage 2017! Anthony has been tattooing for 5 years, but has been traveling far longer than that. He regularly travels for conventions, guest spots, and leisure in a pursuit to continually further his knowledge, gain a constant refreshment in perspective, and have amazing experiences with like-minded people. He's always going somewhere and he always tells it like it is! He'll be giving a presentation on travel marketing, conventions & guest spots, and his personal travel hacks. Click the link in our bio to check out the rest of the guest speakers and the event schedule!

Now ain't that a beauty? GB Irons will be giving away 4 handmade tattoo machines at The Impact Project 2017! We wanted to make sure everyone attending got well over their money's worth! We're doing tons of giveaways, feeding you, and providing all the reference material. This 4-day business and marketing seminar for tattooers is one you won't want to miss! Check it out in our bio link👆and see you there!

We're really stoked for those attending The Impact Project 2017 to get 30% off site wide @tattoosmart AND an exclusive poster copy of the Abbott Color Wheel! Tattoo Smart is the tattoo community's #1 resource for digital design brushes, tutorials, 3D models, reference Ebooks, and tattoo ink digital palettes. You know why? Because Tattoo Smart is badass and dedicated to furthering the industry. Click the link in our bio to read more about The Impact Project 2017 or purchase your tickets!

Whoo whoooo! We're super excited to have Richard Cook @freedomfeet take The Impact Project stage Sept 18-21! Richard has been tattooing for 18 years and has experience from working in busy street shops, to managing shops, to traveling, to selling his art, to settling down to do large scale work in a private studio. Needless to say, he's been around the block and this guy is a genius with his clients. Want to learn some creative ways he builds his clientele, free marketing you may be missing you on, and how to do more of the tattoos you love to do? Click the link in our bio and you can read more or purchase your tickets today! 💣

We know that The Impact Project 2017 is a marketing and business seminar for tattooers, but to give you the best of both worlds, Nick Baxter @burningxhope will be doing multiple presentations on the creative process, including a live critique, throughout the 4 days because, what kind of event would we be without talking about some actual tattooing? Click the link in our bio to learn more ✌️

@drileytattoos took The Impact Project workshop at the @tatlantisartfest last year and this is what he said about it... "This will definitely make everything easier, less stressful, and more productive. Everything was so informative and I can't wait to start applying it." Even 7 months later, what he's taken away from it is still working for him. We're tattooers too so we get that you didn't get into tattooing to spend a ton of time on business, which is why we'll show you quick and easy things you can do, processes that are extremely efficient, concepts that are legit, and simple adjustments you can make that will blow your mind. Click the link in our bio to buy tickets while they last or just read more about the event. Don't forget to be a great friend and tag someone who could benefit from this 👍

Do you use traditional needles? Have you tried Genest? You should. Their needles are amazing! A-maz-ing which is why we're pretty stoked to have them sponsor the event, so if you're attending, guess what? You'll be getting a free sample box for you and your friends to try all of their needle groupings. @genestllc 💣💥💥🕺🏻

Don't forget to click the link in our bio so you can subscribe to our news letter. I'm really excited about learning what you guys need from us and then providing that. What do you want to know more about? Got a marketing question? What totally fucks up your day? I got your back in this whole problem solving thing. There's really no reason why a majority of shop owners can't enjoy their crew more, and why their crews cant legitimately enjoy working somewhere. Just write in your questions to impactfortattooers@gmail.com or subscribe ✌️

If you want to know more about digital design, Alex @alexellistattoo is a perfect guy to teach it! He'll be taking The Impact Project 2017 stage September 18th - 21st. He's been tattooing for 10 years and designing his tattoos digitally for the past 6. He is the creator of the @ipadprotattooteam and also a contributor for @tattoosmart. Click the link in our bio to buy tickets or learn more! 🎨📲

@melissa_ferranto is the lady behind the project. "I'm an everyday tattooer, Im a giant nerd, and damn I love to teach, I love to help others and I'm insatiably motivated to keep growing myself, my tattoos, my businesses, and anyone around me. Because of that dedication, I've made a shop that people love to work in, it's drama-free, we're like family, we help each other, we get along, and everyone has a great attitude. I have 16 people who work at the studio. Guests who visit the shop to work say they've never been in a shop like mine before. It's organized, it's a got an undeniable vibe, it's busy, everyone works on projects they love, we have high standards but it's laid back at the same time. I want to share how we did that with others and you better believe I'm passionate about it. I don't believe that every shop should run exactly like mine, but I do believe in tattooers having better shops to work in. People who want to better themselves, their careers, their tattoos, or their shops, I got your back. Let's step it up a notch." Click the link in our bio to join us September 18th - 21st.

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