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Love getting videos and messages like this one 👇 👇👇
Thankyou guys for getting me hooked on this awesome sport!! Not super pretty but I landed my first ever MU tonight, then managed to squeeze a few more in!!! Miss you legends👍👍
Thanks @lukemarwood we miss you too and you just made our day!!! 🙏 Congrats on your first MU - very impressive lad #embryo #textbookguy #strictaf #crossfitisaddictive


In support of RUOK Day, the team behind it all, and the wider Crossfit Community, we will be jumping on board the RUOK Crossfit Community Challenge (Hero Wod) this Saturday 15th September for our 7am THUNDER BUDDIES class 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ Come and throw your weight behind a massive cause. All CASH donations are welcome on the morning, or if you'd prefer - you can copy and paste the link below into your internet search engine to donate online.

Everybody can help somebody 🙏


Welcome to the family Bronte Brooke Turner ❤
A huge congrats to @balancefitnessandnutrition @philjt and Byron on the safe arrival of their beautiful little girl/sister yesterday. We cannot wait to meet her 😍

HOW THE HOLLOW CAN HELP | Just a fun little vid to cement in why we teach the hollow and how it relates to our barbell/KB movements, especially when going overhead. Cheers @cfgymnastics 👌👌👌
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▪️Today our focus is a more hollow position in overhead barbell/kettlebell movements to over correct a large arch!
This gymnastics stuff truly relates to what you do with the barbell (remember the Theoretical Hierarchy of Fitness!)🤸‍♂️
🔸Watch your athletes kettlebell swing:
1. at the top do they stack their spine (ie: “open” hollow) to Support the weight evenly overhead?
2. Or do they arch so the majority of their lumbar spine is supporting the weight?
🔸It may not be a huge deal with a light kettlebell but once we start placing heavier barbells overhead, we will notice an instability and even lower back pain.
🔺Take out your video to show your athletes (or yourself) your body position overhead.
🔺Then, start practicing a more stacked spine by tucking ribs down and rotating pelvis under just slightly (this is not a huge pelvis tuck) -
VERBAL CUE: squeeze butt!!
🔺 This will prepare you for more weight and better position overall in handstands too🤸‍♂️
🔹Want to learn much more?!
Join us for a weekend of learning & fun
INFO/REGISTER link in bio or
demo’d by @pamelagnon
#therxisunderstanding @crossfit @crossfittraining @cfgymnastics #crossfit #crossfittraining #cfgymnastics #hollowbody

We celebrated another Muscleup first yesterday. Well done @nikkiupton_ that face says it all 👊
#girlsonfire #gymnastics #muscleups #whosnext #Impact #CrossFit6714

We are excited to bring you our very own BRANDED APP. The IMPACT Strength + Performance App can now be download from both Apple & Google Play Stores. Links can also be accessed via our webpage

Why this app benefits you..
• More personal • Easier navigation
• Includes push notifications
• Branded to Impact
• Easy to share with friends

Once you have the app - you can log in with the SAME username and password as you had for your previous Mindbody account.

Amen 🙏
Day in, day out, we continue to witness a change in our members - the change from image-driven (body) goals to performance goals
As soon as you change your focus and accept what the body is capable of, the sooner you will accept the body that you live in
#focus #performance #mindset #strongwomen & #strongmen #crossfit

Eat meat, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat 🤙
#simples #keepiteasy #keepitfresh #crossfit

Hoodies just in..
We may have missed the boat a little 🚣‍♂️ but these bad boys are ready to purchase at the shed.
$60 each
Cash or eftpos
Limited sizes
Women's M-L-XL
Men's L only
(FYI - Shaz wears a women's L. Muel a Men's L. Hopefully we can get our hands on some bigger mens sizes when they are in stock)
#keepwarm #lookgood #pilbarawinter

There is nothing like seeing your hard work pay off 🙏
Trust the process | Enjoy the journey
#Impact #CrossFit6714

Stick figures can be one of the best ways to show points of performance.
@tristanecrane aka Shredda used to draw these little guys on the chalk board all the time!
Check out @cfgymnastics
- so many useful tips to perfecting your bar and ring work 👌
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Repost @whiteboard_daily - Remember it’s @cfgymnastics🤸‍♀️ PULLING WEEK
Above is the set up and execution of the kipping pull-up.
Points of performance:
🗝 Kip is initiated through the shoulders (step 2)
🗝 No bend at the hips or knees
🗝 Think “tight arch” / “hollow body” to maintain midline stability
🗝 PUSH AWAY at the top of the pull (after step 5).
From p. 219 of the @crossfittraining Level 1 Training Guide

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