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Noel Besuzzi  Lifestyle and commercial photographer living in Southern California. Specializing in adventure, water and kid humor. (Mostly iPhone)

I had a long conversation the other day with @maliworkman about how some colors you cannot capture on a camera. She was talking about the red rock canyons in Utah, and how the beauty was impossible to fit in a digital file. The same can be said about the colors found in the Caribbean ocean. There is no crayola that you can pick that could create this blue....

Baseball all day, everyday. When you forgot to bring a bat, a snorkel tube will do.

Crown of clouds (These colors are real life people! That Caribbean Sea looks like someone went crazy with a saturation brush in photoshop!h)

In Mexico the colors seem brighter, the sun shines stronger, the people seem kinder and the ocean is a color I have never seen in real life. It is and always has been such a special place for me, and I feel such a strong love for this beautiful culture. We are lucky to have such a neighbor.

Another crazy adventure in the books. My boys and I swam with the whale sharks off the coast of Mexico and it was unreal and scary and beautiful and wonderful all mixed in one day. Kellen got in the water and was excited until he stuck his goggles under and saw how close they were, then freaked out and stayed on the boat admiring them from a far the rest of the trip. Such a wonderful world to explore!

Summer fun, with these two crazies at great wolf lodge where the chlorine is not in short supply. 💕

This is what Eaiting for a play date looks like. This is the age when it is all about his friends, obsessed with play dates and outings that include other versions of this crazy age. And all the while he's learning how to get along, fight and make up, compromise, be kind, and I isn't uncommon to hear "I hate you" and "I love you" in the span of two minutes. Thankful for some really sweet friends and patient mom's we are spending time with.

Longest day of the year today and I have a crazy four year old that doesn't sit. Ever. Not even for tv. And I didn't sign him up for any summer activities. Because as my sister reminded me today, there isn't a lot of options for four year olds, because who wants to spend time with a bunch of four year olds.

My joy. What is the age when your kid can no longer be flung into the air like they are flying? And how strong does a person need to be to throw me up like that?

Play date in the splash pool with this crazy gal! The ocean brought out our inner kid. More in stories

To the only person I know that doesn't get tired of playing football or baseball with all the cousins, while I sit and hang out with my sisters. Nobody is good at everything they do, but my husband is amazing at being a dad. My two are so lucky! ❤️

I'm having a love hate relationship with these blasted naps. On one end he's a happy joyful child when he's rested, and on the other end I often end up with physical harm over the tantrum he throws in order to get him to nap. Also, wish I could just let go of the 100 things I have to get done and just nap with him. This photo is to remind me that there were days when we did nap together. ❤️

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