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See that face? That's the face of a girl who just got caught drinking my mimosa. (She won't look at me when she's in trouble ) #drunkdog #happydog #badgirl

I love living in California #kernriver.

Spent the weekend in the middle of nowhere by this river and these gigantic rocks. #wildwest #lakeisabella

St. Parties day. @jasminealkouri @realseankelly

It's only been a couple weeks and I already miss #Tahoe. Some of the coolest scenery ever. #laketahoecalifornia #laketahoenevada #heavenlyskiresort #snowboardingtrip #somuchsnow

So I'm sitting parked in front of a cemetery and my phone is on the dashboard mount.All of a sudden it starts taking pictures on its own. This is one of the creepy ass pictures it took. #ghostsarereal #creepystuff #ghostphotographer #cemetary

90 percent sure @zanetawrona and I are moving here for the winter next year. We loved it too much. #southlaketahoe #tahoe #california #clearestwaterever

I love this girl so much! I've never had more fun with anyone. This is us last Saturday in #laketahoe for her #birthday bout to #snowboard from Nevada into California from 10,000 feet. #snowboardingtrip #tahoe #heavenlyskiresort

@zanetawrona got me a grill for Valentine's Day Cause now that we're engaged she knows it's hers too and she can get me to grill for her whenever she wants. Either way I'll take it. #shesthebest

Thanks to @zanetawrona we spent an amazing week in Cabo for my birthday. Kinda a bummer we're back in LA today but I'm honesty kinda relieved to not have access to unlimited free alcohol for a while.

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