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शिल्पा शांताकुमार™🇮🇳🤓💪🐯✍📸  👉a тaυrιan🐃👑♠ Pol.ѕcι ѕтυdenт 👓🎓📚 Eaт↔тeacн↔ѕleep↔ Repeaт🔁🤓 ғreelancer Pнoтograpнer 📸🎞 нιndυѕтanι Wrιтer✍👣 мυѕιc🍁 ғσσ∂ Lσvεr🍴 ғollow мe👇

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And when they decides their destiny!!
Following and understanding each other in all walks of their life❤🙈😘✌ In frame : @namrata4179 @omkarjadhav948
Picture courtesy : @khan_salman_0211 @focus_click_capture_
Pic Edit : @immortal1015
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You have enough critics,
Don't be your own✌💪❤😍
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Choose me or Loose me..!!
I'm not a backup plan And definitely not a second choice😎🤓✌💪😍
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And here we go! Next step towards our passionate journey!
Finally we are launching our outlet's logo❤😍😘✌
Stay tuned...Stay connected ❤🙏
For Indoor & Outdoor Bookings
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Stop doubting urself, Work hard & make it happen✨✌🙈😍

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people ✨✌❤📸🐯💪

One of the busiest and hectic one!
Unexpected one!! I was unaware like this much i mean to someone out der, Each and everyone turned out and tuk out the time for me, irrespective of their busy schedules!
Is baar k birthday literally muje celebrity wali feeling degyi! Itne sare wishes, DPs, Statuses, Calls,Messages,Videos etc!
Thank-you so much each and everyone for all the love and support, means alot to me!!
Tysm @noodey_15 @paresh.kakde @darshan3434 @om_malvia @chef_rahul_ foe late ni8 celebration 😍✨✌
Tysm @arzoo_henna_creations for the efforts and making it possible ✨✌
Specially @kittu_pujari foe the card and obviously the poem😍😘
Tnx Gauri @billas___nautankii for the efforts, means a lot😍😘🙏
Tysm baba @dhanashreegadgil foe the dhanoo ride without which i am empty✌😘
Ty @shwetaag and Pratiksha foe ur time😘😍✌
Keep loving😘❤✨✌🤓🙏✨

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