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i ' m k r i s t e n ⚓️  ▸ photographer ▸ author ▸ wife to cal ▸ mama to roo and summer ▸ 27 ▸ tampa, fl ▸ Roo's Grocery Store Party ↴


Five F'Real Facts For Friday Introductions! ⚓️ I love grocery shopping. Favorite "running a house chore" for SURE! ⚓️ I don't naturally/subconsciously do anything orderly EXCEPT load dishwashers. Somehow that was the childhood skill trained into me that stuck. (For the record, I can and do things organizedly but it takes specific focus and lots of effort. Doesn't "just happen" and I don't "need" it to be that way. Except the dishwasher. I NEED that to be like a Swiss Army knife.) ⚓️ I started for-real dieting when I was 11. Lots of thoughts on THAT topic. ⚓️ My favorite chapter books when I was in middle school were "At Home In Mitford", "Cheaper By The Dozen", and "Holes." "If only, if only..." ⚓️ Our travel thirst is as insatiable as it's ever been after our latest Italy trip. There's something I'd even call spiritual about leaving the comfort of our home and then doing one of two things: 1) going somewhere new or 2) going somewhere else known... places that are a part of you yet aren't home at all or anymore. I think Heaven will feel like all three (home, somewhere new, and somewhere known) all in one. ⚓️ You? Any any 12 year old chapter book loves? Favorite chores? Random obsessions that don't obviously fit with the rest of you? Would love to hear! ✨ #fridayintroductions #friyay #morriscrewineurope

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." Jon Kabat-Zin • Our 4-year-old boy asked for a grocery store birthday party (with a monster truck cake!) and it was fun to make it happen for him. It was so simple but such a sweet setting for a celebration, and now he thinks he's so cool because he has a store in his room! Some reminiscing and party pictures on the blog. (Link in bio.) 🌽🍏🍓🍋🍅 #birthday #party #kidparty #4yearsold #publix #publixlife #foodie #ohhappyday #thehappynow #letthembelittle

I have the sketches Caleb quickly drew six years ago to show me his vision. He didn't have blueprints or a drawing, and I just couldn't "see" what was in his head. As we've worked on this home for our whole relationship, one of the sweetest parts has been when Caleb stands back and admires a finished project saying "It is JUST like I imagined it." This beautiful heirloom made by @enjoyinggracestoryco will be on our walls forever. We have so many ideas of other places we want to have done in the future, too (our wedding venue, the the last home my parents bought -- which was the home we moved into as newlyweds and brought both our babies home to, my grandmother's home -- that has been in the family for over sixty years now, the farm Caleb grew up on, and, and, and.) Such an amazing gift idea and treasure! 😭😩😍 Their website is now open and running --> @enjoyinggracestoryco #enjoyinggracestoryco #buildingcarolwood #thehousethatbuiltme #home #heirloom #thehappynow

To the father who does anything with us, anywhere. Who made our marriage stronger and happier after the babies came along. Who "sees" us. Who is at is best when no one is watching but his wife and kids. (I had the most wonderful time secretly saving clips of Caleb with the kids this past year and change. I cried and cried putting them all together! There is a clip of the video if you swipe right, and the whole thing in the link on my bio.) Happy Father's Day, most wonderful man! #linkinbio #fathersday #fathers #makingmemories #letthembelittle

Feet are weird, and pictures of feet are weirder, so I take no offense to this face --> 😬😫 and a scroll, scroll, scroll. But. I simply "had" to document this mom-daughter milestone. Our first matching toenails. And Summer's first polish experience! Poor thing did so good sitting still while I painted, then couldn't grasp the "don't touch! It's wet!" concept 🙃😂 She's an extreme girly-girl with an extreme tough-fighter joined together. I think we're going to have a lot of fun in the years ahead. I see lots of cleats, ER visits, mud stains, jewelry boxes, frills, and mani-pedis. 👯💗💗 #mommyandme #momanddaughter #thehappynow #matchymatchy #letthembelittle #makingmemories #pedicure #mygirl #thelittlethings

I'm very grateful that my kids get to grow up with this lady as their grandma. Their memories with her and at her home will be nothing less than magical! I'm grateful for our friendship — for all the years of it, but particularly the richness and "next level" of the last two years. It makes me excited to think about the coming two, and ten, and beyond. I'm grateful for her story, her children, her strength, her dreams, and her sass 😎 You can honestly take or leave Hosie, but at least her mom is great... (Of course I'm kidding. I joke that Hosie is Little Cindy, and I love getting to become her friend over the years too. She's fantastic, talented, and such a bright girl.) It was such a special thing to get to marry into this huge family! And this past week we absolutely loved having them both in town for lots of fun, laughing, and heart-to-hearts. Until next time! ❤️ #family #thehappynow #beachday

F O U R Y E A R S • Thanks to him I understand how the concept of a dormant volcano turning active applies to the human experience. There was lava hot love that exploded from my soul in places I didn't know could do that. Have you ever seen Pixar's short about volcanoes? Parts of it remind me of Caleb and I, but the first time I saw it I cried as it reminded my of feelings I had in pregnancy and then HAVING my child. "I have a dream I hope will come true / That you're here with me and I'm here with you." Separated but *so close* and then finally... bursting up to the surface, together! and nestled up close. I remember the second day we were home from the hospital and I sat alone in the chilled, dark basement couch to feed him without distraction. While I held him he swept his hand along my chest and rested it lightly on me. I burned with love so strong tears filled my eyes and I made an audible "oof" sound as the inside of me rushed, trying to push outside my skin and forcing my hairs to stand up straight. I love you, little volcano. Happy birthday! 🌋💥💔 #rowdyneil #mommyandbaby #happybirthday #thehappynow #babyportrait #makeportraits PC: @lydiajane

"Your light's always shining on / I've been traveling oh so long / A constant reminder of where I can find her / Light that might give up the way / Is all that I'm asking for / Without her I'm lost / Oh my love doesn't fade away." (Reminder -- Mumford & Sons) • There isn't a 90-minute stretch of time where even the quickest minnow thought doesn't speed through the waters of my mind about mom. "She'd love to hear about this." "She'd love THIS." "Miss her." "I've learned so much." "Wish I could apologize." "Wish I could thank her again." "Hope she knows how much I loved her." "Hope she knows how much I know she loved me." "I think she does." "Hope I'm walking in her way for them." "Can't wait to see her again." "She threw the best birthday parties." After a week of uncharacteristically grey skies and lame sunsets, the sky was showing off twice: once at the castle at Disney, and once on Rowdy's birthday. I know it might not actually be mom, by special request, up in heaven making little light shows for us. (But maybe it is.) Regardless, I believe heaven is near, right here, so near. And I can feel the times when she's so close I could hold her hand. #theresmamabear #pinksunset #promise #thehappynow #acolorstory

"Here is the deepest secret nobody knows / and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart / I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)" ee cummings. #summerjolee #mygirl #letthembelittle #mamaslove #thehappynow #briarhandmade

G I V E A W A Y • Caleb and I were cleaning out a bag in the back of a closet this past week... and I found a couple un-used newborn baby items that were favorites. I thought it'd be fun to give them to someone who is loved! These REALLY are some of the main items I used for Summer. Those fuzzy booties that STAY ON, tons of little caps and hats, nothing is more "new baby" to me than a Kickee Pants blanket, and what the smell of Johnson's & Johnson's was to my mom is the smell of the Vanilla Orange Earth Mama products with my littles. So, tag at least two (but as many as you want!) pregnant or newborn-mommies you know, I'll choose one of your nominations in 24 hours, and send her a little package of happy! Sometimes it's just fun to love on someone, especially during that big transition of "brand new baby has arrived." Yay mommies, and tag away! #giveaway #newborn #pregnancy #thehappynow #letthembelittle #babiesdontkeep #thelittlethings #waitingforbaby #babygiveaway #mommyandme #freestuff

Looking over a city where Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo, Donatello, William Shakespeare, Copernicus, Raphael, and Martin Luther lived or frequented during their lives 😱 With the three people you love most in the world. 😭 Florence took. our. breath. away. I get chills just remembering it! #morriscrewineurope #florence #italy #renaissance #travelwithkids #thehappynow #travel

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