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"THIS little girl...!" Caleb says while pointing and giving the fake angry-eye to her. Summer glares right back for a second then shrieks into applause and bouncing, proud of herself for being soooOooo funny. We're constantly saying "Rowdy NEVER did ___________." "She's made more noise today than he has in three and a half years!" Spontaneously she'll wave from her perch (the grocery cart, a little mound of hill she's crawled onto, the top of a bed, etc) like the Queen Mother. Some children (people) are indecisive and can't make up their mind. Summer is not one of those people. And she GETS what she wants... let me tell ya. And all this spunk, boldness, strength is balanced heartwarmingly with her love of being kissed. Ever since the first hours of her life she has cooed and basked in a slathering of kisses. She goes in for the tackle kiss, and grabs your cheeks and grips her fingers in your face... always surprised when someone says "Ouch!" She'll lower her head and lean forward slowly until she's kissed... then she springs back into unashamed action. Thank you for all the life, laughter, and "Ooooh my gosssh" you've given us, Summer Jo. I have never been happier than this year, and in large part it's because I have gotten to fall in love with you. #summerjolee #11months #almostone #timeslowdown #letthembelittle #knowingyou #thehappynow #daughter #strongwoman

"'We stick to the magical places in the world,' Asahi clarified. 'Places like the MBRC, the Redwood forest of California, the less populated parts of New Zealand and Japan, Disney World, and Atlantis,' Madeline listed, ticking the places off on her fingers. 'Wait, Disney World?' I interrupted. 'The most magical place on Earth.'" (KM Shea) #epcot #unitedkingdom #disneyworld #magical #imagination #in_our_neverland

DATE: Around This Time Last Year • Just weeks from "going to the end of the universe, through the stars, and returning with my baby." • Waiting for our living Summer through a long, dead winter. I can't believe I "did it" again, and I'm grateful (ugh, where is a better word?!) that I was given the chance. • "There is something in the waiting, in the fact that we are a part of it, a partner with it, but we are not the author of it. How there is a price that you pay, a laying-down of sorts but then you rise up in baptism of heart-now-outside-your-body. How this is a small story of true Love. There aren’t words for this and it’s a bit too much. It’s too much pain, too much waiting, too much humanity, too much God, too much work, too much joy, too much love, with far too little control. How can you explain the incarnation of birth? How can you explain the privilege of building life? How can you explain how time slows right down just before the moment of truth? And the doubt, the wonder, the empowerment that somehow rises up up up up. Then there is the release the uncontrollable laughter and tears of look at this LITTLE. PERSON. really, truly a *person* here. Here! You’re left with only metaphors and 'It’s like this…' but it’s different for everyone (kind of like the Kingdom of God?) and that knowing look in another mother's eye when you try to explain it because: we know. This is the stuff of God." (Sarah Bessey)

I fell in love with these profiles the moment I saw them both during ultrasounds. To this day I can "zone out" staring at the lines and turns of their faces. This souvenir from Disney is one of the BEST that exists. The artist who makes them doesn't draw or trace or use a computer. With a pair of tiny scissors he freehand cuts their faces out of black paper. And he did each one in less than five minutes! The best part is that you get two copies for $10 (so $20 for four since I did both Summer and Rowdy)! You can frame it yourself or have them use their frame... which is $9.95. Not a bad price to me! I love meaningful things for our home, and buying items that have a story to it (and are adorable). #disneyworld #disneyvacation #disneytips #showyourdisneyside #rooandlittlejo #classic #vignette

For what it's worth (probably a lot)... it is spectacular and terrifying and points to something magnificent that romance can be a real part of the human experience. Yes, choice. Yes, tradition. Yes, the mundane. Yes, working side-by-side. Yes, growing together. Yes, learning. Yes, friendship and companionship and partnership. Yes yes yes to it all. But... don't forget... even if it is not yours yet or anymore... *romance.* "As the ten thousand highways unfold their doors for the ten thousand standing on Nineveh's shores where the blood of a husband silences wars for the girl who rises to meet him." (John Mark McMillan) "Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for." (Dead Poets Society) Happy Valentines Day to my dear husband, and to us all as we explore the many forms of romance this life offers. ❤️🏰 #calebwithkristen #valentines #valentinesday #romance #love #disneyworld #in_our_neverland

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel." (Kevin Trudeau) • I have nothing new to say that isn't already very clear, obvious, and known for generations. But my understanding of the truth has started to click together. The twinkle light bulb moments; when you realize "Oh, my mom was right..." During Summer's pregnancy and post-partum, then the year that followed, I feel like I had breakthroughs in realizing how GOOD it felt to eat protein, to push into a hard workout, to wash and moisturize my face every morning. This stuff isn't the instant gratification stuff, but you realize that the benefits and good feelings do make themselves known sooner than it seems when I'm making excuses! Endorphins really do start charging through within an hour and I feel that bounciness in my step. My stomach doesn't feel like concrete was poured but feels more like a balloon, light and airy. My skin really is softer the next morning! And all these "quick perks" are the start to the long term goodness of just trying do a good job with our bodies. It's a lot of work and commitment and so easy to let slide. I haven't found my ideal rhythm in each category. But small steps, and trying again when I slack off, and trying to understand cause and effect in such simple ways has made me feel GOOD in a way I didn't know I could. And I still have so many goals and big efforts to make! I'm seeing that just where you want to stop in a workout, is just when you need to go. Just when you want to grab food, is exactly when you need to prepare it. When you think "Oh, it doesn't matter... I'll wash my face/drink more water/etc" tomorrow it matters most. Repeating the small good things only add reward... physically, mentally, and emotionally. "Do not despite the day of small things." (Link in bio for my skincare and beauty products in my bathroom right now. Part of my effort to make the effort! And it would make me so happy if any nugget could help someone else. Also, for what it's worth, this is not a sponsored post!) #thehappynow #takecareofyourself #health #skincare #review #skin #beauty

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious." (Ruth Reichl) • Life is endlessly a lot of things, but so many of them are delicious to the soul. #thehappynow #clearwater #beach #family #acolorstory pc: @carolineshorey

The second part of NYC trip is blogged! (Link in bio as always) I'm trying to be a little more useful and organized with my resources. I think blogging is one of the best ways to save information in such an aesthetically pleasing way! The most regular messages I get are food and travel recommendations or questions. I know everyone doesn't get a thrill out of research like I do, so if I can save someone a bit of a headache I'd love to! And I also know how much I hang onto personal recommendations from "real*, unsponsored** people." A lot of what we end up doing comes from the advice of others, all gathered up! So it's fun to get to keep passing around the information. I have a few more posts coming in this vein, including skin care, car rides with kids, flying with kids, and Disney (Land, World, etc). 🙈😎 *I know all people are real people. I should think of a better word to use. Ha! **I think sponsors or sponsored ads are great and I like that it's the way the world works for business. I just prefer more personal, money-untied *recommendations.*

I'm posting two little summaries of our last trip to NYC, and the first one is on my blog now! (Link in profile, aaaaass always!) Also... my love affair with the iPhone 7 camera/portrait mode is getting more emotional by the day. I didn't take my Canon to "test out" family and travel pictures with just the phone. I give it two thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼 #nyc #streetfood #iphone7 #foodreview #streetphotography

"I know what we were trying to stand for, and what I believe we did stand for: the possibility that among the worlds wars and sufferings two people could love each other for a long time, until death and beyond, and could make a place for each other that would be a part of their love..." (Wendell Berry) • One month into a little "New Year's Project" and trying to catch that rascally rabbit called Time. 🕰💨 (Link in bio) #calebwithkristen #365project #newyeargoals #timeflies #love

Seriously: from those wispy, soft heads to those long, crinkled toes... love each little bit of their bodies and souls 😭❤️ (Summer turns one in five weeks and it's starting to get REAL sentimental over here. Even Caleb was getting lumps in his throats at Wal-Mart looking at her.) #rooandlittlejo #brotherandsister

"Writing can give you what having a baby can give you: it can get you to start paying attention, can help you to soften, can wake you up." Anne Lamott • One of the things I love most about my children is our shared rose-colored eyes for each other. "Not something to everyone, but everything to someone." They think of me as more wonderful than I am... and that kind of power in belief does things to you. Many days it's hard to believe I really get to be theirs. "Words cant describe." #letthembelittle #mahbabies #summerjolee #motherdaughter #theycallmemom #lilyjadeco #lilyjade