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i ' m k r i s t e n ⚓️  ▸ photographer ▸ author ▸ wife to cal ▸ mama to roo and summer ▸ 27 ▸ tampa, fl ▸ Italy Day 3! BLOGGED! ↴

Portofino, Santa Margherita, and Montecatini Terma... all in one day! Phew! We all slept good after this one... but wished the day didn't have to end. Link in bio! #day3 #linkinbio #portofino #santamargherita #tuscany #tuscanyexperience #genoa #morriscrewineurope #travelersnotebook #acolorstory

The amount of details I did photograph is overwhelming on this back side. And the amount of details I did NOT photograph -- just had to keep walking and skip -- was stunning in the moment. One big giant treasure chest of a place. #italy #traveltoitaly #tuscany #tuscanyexperience #carsofitaly #thehappynow #morriscrewineurope #travelersnotebook

A square in the hallway of our hotel in Tuscany that made me do a double-take to pause and enjoy it. #tuscany #portofino #italy #morriscrewineurope #travel #travelersnotebook #thehappynow

I feel like I'm lifetimes behind on "getting" this: but I've really started to appreciate how much music has the power to take you back to a moment or memory; to feel it as strongly (or maybe more!) all this time later. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay's release played on Italian radio (in English) three or four times an hour. Of course it became the trip's song ;) "Where do you want to go? / 'How much do you want to risk? / I want someone I can miss / I want something just like this." Something just, exactly, like this. ❤️ #morriscrewineurope #italy #genoa #travelstyle #travelersnotebook #partnerinlife #thehappynow #somethingjustlikethis

If I close my eyes, and focus all the way down to my toes, I can remember this flavor so strong I can taste it for a split second. #morriscrewineurope #italianfood #italy #travelersnotebook #calzone #woodfired #authenticitalian #thehappynow #foodporn #foodiegram #foodietravel

"The windows weren't just holes in the wall, were they?" (Caroline Cooney) • I think I might have to do a coffee table book of just the shutters and windows on this trip. Getting Day 3 ready to post! (Is it annoying if I say every day was "one of our favorite days"?) #italy #italian #portofino #coastofitaly #travelersnotebook #morriscrewineurope #curbappeal

Meaningful Monday 🌺 My Mother's Day orchids are still alive! Trying hard to keep them blooming. Caleb was sweet and got me pink ones "for your mom." Meaningful gifts are the best. It got me thinking about some of the very best physical gifts I've been given in my life (other than ones from Caleb and blood-family). There are SO many but the top five that come to mind are: 1) four hand-sewn Mickey Mouse Christmas stockings, (from @ally_michele) 2) two 9 foot by 1.5 foot canvas paintings (by my best friend's mom @maureenhartnett, not to mention all the art my friend, @lydiajane has made for me!), 3) an out-of-this-world second wedding reception (by @cindy1962), 4) cash to get my wedding ring re-sized when pregnancy had made my fingers bigger but we didn't have the money to do the upgrade (headed up by @elizabethbaxter from a group of 20 friends who pitched in), 5) a three picture series drawn to the "sounds" of our families (from @mrsdot by @blacksheepbeautiful) But, gosh, the pink sunset inspired painting from @scremmyart, the painting of our whole family in front of It's A Small World on mom's last trip to Disneyland (created by @beccs4523 and organized by @tbranchaw and more of mom's best friends), a leather purse for Christmas from @jess_sid , a basement full of loving trinkets, including my kids' initials on a necklace after miscarrying Ryan (headed up by @mrsremi but pitched in by another dozen friends). Just wanted to say "Thank you! It meant and STILL means so much!" to this people listed (and more who I couldn't fit!) I'd also LOVE to know what some of the most meaningful gifts you've ever been given are? #meaningfulmonday #meaningfulgifts #meaningfulquotes #gifts #acolorstory

Our second day of travel is on the blog! (Link in bio, where else!) Our "rainy day" that couldn't have been better. The Palace of Venaria was straight out of imagination and fantasy. "People made. this: with. their. own. hands. and. NO. electricity. HOW." We we're crazy inspired. I even stood in front of the camera a few times because I had a Wal-Mart romper I cut the tags off of. #reference #anyone? #italy #palace #tuscany #palaceofvenaria #travelersnotebook #morriscrewineurope #dreamy #thehappynow #travelwithkids #linkinbio #royal #royalty

This was my display titled "Grief Needs Beauty." As well as the text included with my application: "I became interested in photography, particularly, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer the first time. I was 14 and my youngest sister was a year old. During this weird year of life, I took it upon myself (and probably needed, for myself) documenting the lives of my younger siblings since mom was sick in bed and couldn't. This form of preserving and sharing overtook me. The following summer, when I was 15, I second-shot my first wedding. Two years later when I graduated highschool I went to an internship in Chicago, and promptly began my business when I returned home. This was 10 years ago this summer, and my business has taken me all over the world, provided me a living and a life, and introduced me to my husband. It's been dream-like ride! Since then, my mother has gone into remission, been re-diagnosed with cancer, and died. These portraits attached and included below were taken the night we found out mom's lung surgery had been unsuccessful (about four years ago). It was almost fully dark outside, but the brightness of a wonder-filled girl unavoidable. She was "a surprise" to my parents. How we needed her and didn't have a clue. She was too big to be a small child, but too small to be grown up. She knew mom was dying but had no idea she was about to lose her mom. She has carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, and has taken (some of) the weight off of ours. She was soft, bad at brushing her teeth, thick-browed, brilliantly insightful, funnier than most who make their career in comedy, and too young which has made her far too old now. She has been beauty that grief needed. #artshow #motherlessdaughters #art #theresmamsbear #opustampa17

I couldn't help but notice the pride and bursting-at-the-seams-desire to talk about their pieces the artists had. Me included. "Let me tell you the story behind it..." I learned how Cece buys slabs of marble, cuts it herself, and then puzzle-pieces the stones back together to create her image. "Sometimes it takes me five hours to get the last piece perfect. The shape has to be precise!" I learned how Michele spends 85 hours on her 5x7 pencil drawings. (Less than half-an-inch an hour.) The detail shows... my jaw was at my knees. I heard Stefanie's story of dropping out of art school because she panicked and thought she needed "a real job," but has returned 15 years later to her first love (she won Grand Prize at the show). Seeing the looks in peoples' eyes when you notice an element of their art that clearly means so much to them (or something they worked very hard to create). Friday night's art show was a happy night. And it left me chuckling "Artists and their babies." It's a BIG deal to create something. Probably why parents are so bananas. "I MADE this. Want to hear all them?! I'm *sure* you do...!" Roo told me he was "so so proud" of me and, since he fell asleep before the show was done, the FIRST thing he said when he woke up was "Mom, did you win the show?!" I'm grateful for how art can connect: to strangers, to experiences, to toddlers. Thank you @opustampa for a brilliant night! #art #artshow #opustampa17 #artistcommunity #artsyfartsy

This is a first for me! My "Pam Beasley" Moment. I'm so honored and excited to be displaying photographs in an art show tomorrow night. If you're near the Tampa area and are interested in coming check out for details. The art is FANTASTIC. I walked around the gallery during set-up taking sneak peeks at everyone else's work... goodness. I audibly gasped many times. 95 artists applied for 25 spaces so the pool is top notch (pottery! woodwork! oil painting! oh my!). And I feel a little silly, quite surprised, nerve-y, and very happy to get to stand among these geniuses! And wish me luck... I was told I need to "shmooze" with the judges 😦😳😆 @opustampa #opus #opustampa #opustampa17 #artshow #art #thehappynow PC: @ally_michele

Grateful for this one right here. Grateful for her perception and the things she notices about me that are often missed/misunderstood. Grateful for how she embraces my whole family (brought early-birthday presents for Rowdy, got Summer up from naps to play, sat in the front seat of the van talking with Caleb for an hour, etc). Grateful for her big joy in life's little gifts. She is so excited to be excited! Grateful for her specific and bold encouragement that hits the homerun out of my heart park. Grateful for her love of sharing experiences with people. Grateful for one of those friends that "I didn't know I needed." Thank you for visiting us, Ally Bo Bally! You have a special place in our hearts, home, and messy minivan! #norway #friends #tampa #birdsofafeather #buddybrew #buddybrewcoffee

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