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Imelda  health + travel + real food + sunshine + good vibes ☁️ live. like. you. mean. it.☁️

About Saturday. Thank you for bringing all our favourites under one roof🎉 We had 8 hrs of fun 😄💦 Till next year!!

I get this question a lot 👉🏼Do you eat rice?👈🏼 Oh yes, I do!! 😄
This picture 👆🏼was taken after 3 days 3 nights having Nasi Padang plus generous amount of Beef Rendang plus 2 nights of Durian feasting 🤪
👉🏼Do you have to burn it afterwards? 👈🏼Well, not really 😁 During my Padang trip, the day I went on this boat was the only day I got a chance to do any physical activity... just light swim, nothing intense. I spent most days sitting down in the car 😂 It was a long journey from one place to another 🤷🏻‍♀️
My point is.. don’t “punish” your body because of something you ate. If you’d like to burn it, or.. I rather call it.. to utilize the extra energy 😅, do it because you love your body, knowing that your body needs to move. Don’t feel guilty over little indulgence that made you happy. If it didn’t make you happy, then why ate it at the first place, right? 😝
👉🏼Did I gain weight during that holiday? 👈🏼Most definitely. I didn’t weigh myself, but I felt it 😁 But once I got back home and got into my daily routines (eat train sleep repeat 😄✌🏼), I lost all the extra weight 🤷🏻‍♀️
Do enjoy your fitness journey, don’t worry too much about the extra calories you have here and there. Having peace with your body and good relationship with food are critical to sustain your fit life into your golden years 😘 As long as you have the right mindset, you will achieve your fitness goals 💥 #fitover40

Energy will go into what you love, and what you love will grow. Go for a walk and watch it bloom ✨A.D. Posey✨

Walk everyday ✨ Bedanya kalo lg liburan.. jalan, foto, jalan, foto, jalan, foto, foto, foto, foto.. gitu deh 😂 Olahraga jg kan namanya 🤣
Photo by pak Houe 📸

I’m so blessed to have my very own fitflop gang 😂❤️ 👭 To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕 #daughters #happymothersday

Once in a while, go hike, sit on a mountain... and ask your nice friend to capture the moment... many many many many many times 🤣🤪✌🏼
Photo by Cicik 📸

I’m the girl who spends 15 minutes staring out of the window wondering what to have for lunch 🍴😁 #fitlife

with my roomie for the trip 👆🏼😁😘
📸: Cicik

Gray skies are just clouds passing over ✨ Till the next adventure 😘

At height of 3,842 m ✨#aiguilledumidi #chamonixmontblanc

Annecy, France 🇫🇷 Mendung2 tp cakeeeb 💕

Wishing for more sunshine like this 👆🏼☀️
📸 @widi_tanata

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