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Imélia T Adjani 


Makasih banyak kaliaan😘❤
Maaf ya wkwk tadi pas ketemu dikasih bunga diem aja bukannya ga seneng, tapi masih shock baru keluar dari ruang sidangnya😂
Ayo semangat PI dan sidangnyaa😚
Itu bunga yang super lucunya handmade loh, by my super talented friend, ayok order ke @papflobyme 🌹

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Secret garden?

In this artificial reality
Flowers grow on your footprints
Their petals dance gracefully
In every moves you make

In this artificial reality
Stars do shine but
The sparkles in your eyes are brighter
A warm burning flame

In this artificial reality
You sit at the beach
As the night breeze comes
Blowing off the candles on your cake
Hbd 170506

When I was a kid, when it was dinner or lunch time, my lil sister and I used to play and call our house as "Restoran Sedap Pedas Manis" lol.Sometimes we would bring a small plastic table and small wooden chairs to the garage. Then we would eat our meal and pretend that we were in the restaurant.😂

Little did you know..✨

So, are you ready to take a step outside your comfort zone? .
📷 by: Mutia

Fly to where you are

Jangan menilai dari penampilan karena itu bukan segalanya 😂

Homemade. Ga rata soalnya yg ngelapisin gantian dua orang dan pada blm pro

L'esprit de l'escalier /lɛˌspriː də lɛˈskaljeɪ/

Thinking of a witty remark too late, on the way home; the clever comment you wish you had delivered.

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