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Cordero Barkley 

@gbphoenixwbb vs Kent State #WNIT

Giannis had 52 and 16 and Joel had 40 and 15 😳

Great Dane in-law?? @tempdani

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👉🏾The experiences that mold us and those intangibles we pick up growing up in Racine, make us great entrepreneurs and professionals. Common sense, street smarts and books smarts are a dangerous combination when applied in other spaces. There is much more to be done. But believe in yourself (especially when it’s hard) and stay humble (especially when times are good) and don’t let anyone knock you off of your path. Special thanks to everyone who has helped me on the journey and advanced thanks to those who keep pushing me on the journey. You know who you are.

Momma - Kendrick Lamar

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When I lost my father I was placed in a position to help my family at a young age. My purpose has always been to use basketball to get as far as I can no matter what life presents. However, I realized God gave me an assignment to UPLIFT as many people as I can through all of our obstacles when I was blessed with this documentary to share my story with the world. After being a teenage parent, the gun violence, the deaths, people in prison, poverty, my best friend having cancer, we will all RISE if we continue to take steps forward on our journey to reach our destination. Watch the full trailer and Pre-Order in bio.

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