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Cordero Barkley 

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When I lost my father I was placed in a position to help my family at a young age. My purpose has always been to use basketball to get as far as I can no matter what life presents. However, I realized God gave me an assignment to UPLIFT as many people as I can through all of our obstacles when I was blessed with this documentary to share my story with the world. After being a teenage parent, the gun violence, the deaths, people in prison, poverty, my best friend having cancer, we will all RISE if we continue to take steps forward on our journey to reach our destination. Watch the full trailer and Pre-Order in bio.

All of this snow, has me wanting to go back.



Your most memorable flights had turbulence. #embracethebumps #theybuildcharacter #nofear

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Tag the BEST shooter you know and the WORST shooter you know‼️ .

Higher level shooters know how to turn off the right muscles at the right times. A few things you can takeaway from this post— 1) how much tension do you have in your Guide hand? If it’s high tension, you might increase your shooting % by relaxing the off hand (softer grip on the ball). Higher level shooters had 34% less tension in the hand muscles of the guide hand compared to beginner shooters (Pakosz 2013). .

2. Muscle relaxation usually comes as a byproduct of practicing the skill enough. But great in-game shooters also know how to control the mind in high stress situations. There’s tons of shooters who can’t miss in practice but can’t shoot at that same level in games. That’s often because high stress situations leads to higher muscle tension and an inability to relax the muscles. Learn to control the mind through breathing and you might increase your ability to shoot in games and score in clutch situations. (🎥 @nba @houseofhighlights ) (🎧 A Boogie- Voices in my Head)


@blackmambaofcutz got bored on the snow day and came out like the Soul Train Line! #2950 #fademeup

My friends send congrats and roasts at the same time 🤣🤣🤣#strahan #gaptoothisin #flosswithlicorice

Just getting started.
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Congratulations Future 15 award recipient Cordero Barkley of Associated Bank! #youngprofessionals #announcements #F15#Future15 #YPs #CurrentYPs #Future15YoungProfessionalAwards

More reps!! @ESPN+

I thought for sure the first time I would be on SoundCloud would be as a rapper 🤷🏽‍♂️! #broadcastlife #stayinthemoment #Sandman

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