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Fred  Trying this instagram shit one more time

I been wanting to change my username since like September it’s so childish but it’s a trademark

Ariana new song wasn’t even good she made it seem like she was finna sing her heart out but the caucasians still finna eat this up

I be having some good captions for y’all but UGH! MY MIND! ITS SO.....POWERFUL!! Y’all would never understand

J cole can’t rap period I don’t wanna hear this “listen to the words!!1!!1!1!” Stuff cuz if that’s the case then he can be a motivational speaker but rapping??? No.

Lemme go workout before I lose motivation, see y’all tomorrow

When that lil white boy from Walmart did it haha ok it was funny....when Lala did it is was funny.....but this....ok y’all it’s over now moving on

My parents so controlling and uptight I really hate my personal life outside of school

Even Ariana grande album finna be better than j cole wow a shame

Me when ruby and Olivia got shot

Y’all really hyped that show up so much my durag just tightened up :/

I’m finna finally go watch this on my block season finale stay tuned

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