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ʎǝspoƃ uıʇsnɐ  Trade • Travel • Transform 📈✈️🙇🏼 CEO of Global Visionariez 🌎 CoFounder of Instafame 📳 8 Figure Revenues 💵 Huffington Post Feature 👇🏼

Flew out to Vegas to close $1,000,000 deals... 🥂

I remember 2 years ago sitting next to a dumpster with a couple dollars in my pocket in the back of an alleyway of a coffee shop in Los Ángeles California and questioning if I was insane for doing something so different... 💔

Business is BOOMING 📈
Family is HEALTHY ✅
Team is WINNING 🏆
God is GREAT 🙏🏼 Didn't exist in 2006... 💭

Anddddd GlobalVisionairez 😉

My mentor told me the way to become wealthy is to position yourself in front of a trend before it becomes obvious to everyone... 💯

The earth is raising in frequency fast, meaning so are we as people... If you don't level up in 2017 you're going to have a rough next 3-5 years ahead... As Charles Darwin said, it's not the strongest, smartest, or fastest who survive, it's the ones who are willing to adapt... 🔑

The NEXT 10 years are gunna be interesting... Either jump ahead or get left behind... 🤑


Breakfast in Philadelphia... 🍌🌇 Lunch in Detroit... 🥗🏙 Dinner in Vegas... 🍝🌃 #TradeTravelTransform

Some motivational sentence inserted here blah blah... 🤦🏼‍♂️💭 Off to Vegas... Power moves... Less talk... 🔒💰📈 #TradeTravelTransform®

I'll never forget when my dad called me either in 2013 or 2014 when I was on a tour and said, "Alex I want you to make sure you never make it all about money and success. Today, I found a story of a top earner in (company a) that made tens of millions of dollars, huge homes, cars, everything, & took his boat out into the water and shot himself in the head."... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 💔;;;;;;;;;;;; Now, this morning, we find news of the lead singer Chester Bennington of a band I grew up to, Linkin Park, committed suicide... ⚰️ He had 6 kids and a net worth of over $25,000,000, toured the world, and made an album with JayZ. I'm not clear on how battle with depression, drugs, so I won't comment any further.... 📝

The bottom line is that success is very very important to me and most of you but it cannot completely define you. We must have other sources of happiness and connection in our lives other than just financial success.... 💯

I know a lot of the things I post on here are about success, achievement, & making it happen but my foundation has always been my love for my family and strong connection to GOD... 🙏🏼 Success is important, but it's not the most important. Make sure your lives are rich with things other than just money and material possessions.... 🏆

Alex Morton I couldn't have worded this any better... #CrushToday

Wowowowowowow...... My brother from another mother and close friend Adrian Andujar Ortega just smashed Chairman 10 ($10,000/monthly) praise the lorddddddd... 🔥🙌🏼💰⚡️ When I came out to Spain for a couple weeks not too long ago, you said one thing in Spanish that had to be translated lol.. "Austin, I will not stop until Chairman 500, that's it..".. I didn't doubt you for a second... 🤐🚫 I will never forget the one night we did a training, and the whole time I spoke your eyes were glued and taking notes literally the ENTIRE time, while others were texting or not really paying attention... Then you and @ivanbriongos go both hit Chairman 10 ($100,000+/yearly) in the SAME month being first 2 in the ENTIRE companies history in all of IML Europe... I'm not surprised, because how you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING... 😳

A few months later you and Ivan's team has grown to 2,000 people being one of the fastest growing teams in the entire company of now 30,000+ individuals... 📈

Tour time... ✈️🌎 •Colombia ✔️
•Portugal ✔️
•Spain ✔️
•Bolivia ✔️
•Ecuador ✔️
•México ✔️
•Japan ✔️
•Brazil ✔️ When I joined IML back again on November 1st, there was 1 Chairman and around 1,500 people in the company... Now there are 35 Chairmans and we haven't even gone into momentum yet... Oh meeeee oh myyyyy I feel God has a master plan ahead of us we are truly blessed.... GV has some big updates that will be dropping over the next few weeks stay tuned, this was just a trailer to the movie... 🎥🔥🔋 Te amo hermano, emocionado por el futuro!!! Nos vemos luegoooooooo fieroooooo pariente!!! 💪🏼🏆🏃🏽😝 *Results aren't typical, earning a lot of commissions in imarketslive requires blood, sweat, tears, hardwork and dedication, hitting Chairman is not for the weak hearted*


Some hustle for money... I do it for my last name... 🤘🏼 #YoungKingCole

Lol so true... Winners focus on winning... Losers focus on winners... 🙌🏼🔑🏆 Broke and sorry people talk about other people all the time... Successful people are ALWAYS and constantly talking about ideas... Head up focused ready to CRUSH the rest of this year, no time for gossip don't come around us with that nonsense... 💯😁 #sheesh

HUFFINGTON Post article just dropped... 💰 📰


I remember a couple years ago I was out with Aiden getting him clothes and running errands, he was like 1... 👕

At the end of the errands I didn't even realize I had no money left and no ride, we were taking buses all day and the last one had already left, we were stranded and it would've taken us like 8 hours to walk... 😫

I had no other choice, I called a taxi, they picked us up and I had them park 2 blocks away when we arrived in my hood, not on my street or in front of my house... 🏠

I told the taxi driver my money was inside my house which really wasn't my house it was blocks away behind this random house, so I grabbed Aiden and grabbed my bags, walked around the house through the alley and as soon as I got out of his site I started running as fast as I could back to my house as if I was being chased by wolves or something... 🐺

When I got back to my apartment, I remember putting Aiden down, throwing my bags on the couch and started crying uncontrollably, I had to put my son in the middle of a crime because of how broke and poor we were and I told myself NEVER again would I let this happen... 🚫

I felt so bad for this guy because he was a really nice guy, I knew he was sitting there just waiting for me to come back, but I wasn't I didn't have ANY money I was so broke, do I did what I had to do... This one is for you my friend, thank you for that ride amigo whoever you were you made a huge impact in my life... 🚕🙌🏼 #FromCatchingBuses

Isssss true ting... ☺️

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep... 😴 You'll work till the day you die... ☠️ #TradeTravelTransform

Sheesh... 🤷🏼‍♂️💭 #IsssaFact

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