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ʎǝspoƃ uıʇsnɐ  Trade • Travel • Transform 📈✈️🙇🏼 Vegan 🌱Ⓥ GMO free 🚫 CEO of Global Visionariez 🌎 CoFounder of Instafame 📳 8 Figure Revenues 🏆 DM "wealth" to make 💵


.....and just like that we back in London, UK.... ✌🏼🇬🇧😴 #TradeTravelTransform

Most people swipe right on Tinder... 👉🏽📲 But swipe left on chasing their dreams... 🙄✋🏽 Swipetrades caught 534 Pips last week...... 📈💸 .01 lots = $53.4 💷
.10 lots = $534 💶
1.00 lots = $5,340 💴

Hype is ONLY hype if it doesn't execute..... So far this month we have WON 27 out of 35 trades running a 78% winning rate.... 📊

Here are the results from this past week: 📃

10/15-10/20 📆

USDCAD (+65) ✅
XAUUSD (+150) ✅
NZDJPY (-18) ✅
GBPUSD (-30) ✅
AUDUSD (+40) ✅
USDJPY (+85) ✅
EURJPY (-30) ✅
USDCAD (+45) ✅
EURUSD (+50) ✅
GBPUSD (+100) ✅
USDCHF (-10) ✅
EURNZD (-58) ✅
EURAUD (+40) ✅
EURGBP (+80) ✅
USDJPY (+25) ✅

TOTAL: 534 pips 👏🏼 Men lie, women lie..... But NUMBERS don't lie..... SwipeTrades signals are dominating and we are just getting started.... And that's just one of 7 products in IML... Sheesh... 🤑💵👻 *Previous results don't determine future profits. Trading Forex does require risk*


2 of the YOUNGEST top earners in Imarketslive!!!!!!!! 🙌🏼🥂🖤⚡️🔥😝💸📈 SHOUTOUT to my boys @suhailnurmo (19 years old) and @shabazfx (21 years old) for SMASHING Platinum 5000($5,000/monthly) out in London....... 👏🏼🤙🏼💡🔌💰🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Crazy how many people are winning...... Been through so many ups and downs the past year and a half with you boys I'm so proud to see y'all finally dominating........ I'm not surprised guys I knew you had it in you the whole time y'all have insane work ethics and are ALWAYS focused on helping others rather than yourselves...... These boys around 100 away from Chairman 10(6 figure income)........ Luv you boys see ya in a couple days!!!!!!! 💙 *Previous results don't determine future earnings. Earning an income in IML requires hard work, sacrifice, and energy*


Word.......... @juliankuschner 🖤😌 Welcome to IML, legendary power moves being made right now........ 👏🏼🏆🏀 Lessss create history boss..... 🚀📈💰🌍 #GVxGEM

Click HD... 🦇🥀🔪 You can mimic a result.... But not the creativity.... 🕊✌🏼😙💮 #TradeTravelTransform

Thank God I never gave up when everyone else did.......... ✌🏼🦇🖤 #TradeTravelTransform

2 times........ ✌🏼🦇💣💣

Mataro, Spain in my natural habitat.... 🦁🇪🇸🔥 When I joined IML again 11 months ago there was only 1 Chairman and less than 1,300 customers in the company.... There was NO swipe trades, NO Fusion Trader, NO iml TV, NO IML app, NO where near the leadership it needed.... 💭

Nowwwwww we here.... Still a long way to go, BUT..... 👻✌🏼 6+ million in sales per month.... 💵

35,000+ customers in the company.... 👥

50+ Chairman, 6 figure earners..... 😳

5+ people making 7 figures.... 💸 $75,000,000+ in yearly sales.... 📈

1,000,000+ in team volume.... 🔋

1,000's making money from residuals, but even MORE making money DAILY in the markets.... 📊

I just wanna run some numbers first tho...... ⚡️ -2/3 of the world live on $2 a day 🌎
-47% of Americans have less than $500 in their savings. 💰
-80% of people die broke, poor or in debt 😫
-75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 💵
-80% of Americans hate their jobs. ⏳
-56% of kids graduating are unemployed 📉
-72% of graduates move back home with their parents 🏡
-13% inflation of student loan debts over the past 3 years 📉
-Student loan debt is now the #1 debt in America 🎓
-90% of people over the age of 65 make less than $6,000 a year -News says retirement age is 72 👴
-Average age of death is 78 💀
-$42,500 average income of 32 year old with a college degree 🎓 "It takes an average bachelor 21 years to pay off student loans" 💯 -2006- $250 million Student Loan Debt
-2016- $1.2 trillion Student Loan Debt (The most debt in history and #1 debt i n America)

Average yearly earnings for a college student in: 📚
-2000- $64k a year
-2016- $50k a year -NFL- $9 billion a year
-Music- $16 billion a year
-Movies- $80 billion a year
-Network Marketing- $178 billion a year
-Stock Market - $28 Billion a day
-Foreign Exchange Market - $5.8 Trillion a day

People always say that in MLM the ONLY people who make money are the ones at the top... Hmmmmm, let's see what the numbers say... 📊

40% of that $178 billion in Network Marketing gets paid to distributors all across the world... 💵

That's about $71 billion dollars, which is around 6 BILLION monthly, and 200 MILLION dollars every single day... 👀

Read the rest on FB🔥

Click HD... 💎

Hangout with people who FORCE you to LEVEL up... 🏆
London, United Kingdom first MAJOR launch event in just a few days... 🚀

@j_sonbrown & @itsmattrosa - Chairman 100's
@imaustingodsey - Chairman 50
@yasin.subhan - Platinum 2000
@shabazfx & @suhailnurmo - Platinum 2000

One of the FASTEST growing teams in the company... ⛹🏼
One of the FASTEST growing companies in the industry... 📈
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I've partnered up with some of my favorite Bloggers and Youtubers to give one lucky follower an iPhone 8, iPhone 7, Instax mini cameras, and Naked palettes! 🎉

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London, United Kingdom... 🇬🇧🦇✌🏼 What Society will tell you... 🗣 • Go to school get formal education. 👨🏼‍🎓
• Working hard will bring you success. ✊🏼
• Get a job and work for a boss. 👔
•Trade time for money. ⏰
• Money and status are the goals. 💰
• Listen to those you love. ❤️
• Learn from your mistakes. 💡
• Save your money. 🏛
• Sleep 8 hours per night. 😴
• Eat meat and dairy. 🐂
•Get a big TV. 📺
•Breathe thru your mouth. 👄
•Take 1 vacation a year. ✈️
•Don't talk to strangers. 🚫
•Fit in and be normal. 👔
• Study the good. 📘

My mentors advice... 👌🏼 • Find mentors and get self education. 📚
• Working smart will bring you success. 🙇🏼
• Do what you love and follow your passion. 💙
•Trade money for money 💰
• Happiness and freedom are the goals. 🌎
• Listen to those who have results. 📜
• Learn from other peoples mistakes. 💭
• Invest your money. 🔃
• Sleep 35 cycles per week. 🔮
• Eat plants with electrons and high alkalinity. 🌱
•Build a library. 📚
•Breathe thru your nose and use your higher brain. 👃🏼
•Make your life the vacation. 👻
•Your network determines your networth 💸
•Stand out and be yourself. 😝
• Study the great. 👑
Observe the masses and do the opposite... If most people are going right, you should probably go left... Everyone doing something is an average action.... Be the chess player, not the chess piece... 🌟💯 #TradeTravelTransform

Say less and do more..... ⚡️🖤 You talk about it...... We live it....... ✌🏼🦇 #TradeTravelTransform

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