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Imar Krige  Believer, husband, designer, cat wrangler, business owner, nature enthusiast, covert rebel, scrabble player & inquiring mind… It's complicated.

My other half…

Think small. White-fronted Plover patrolling the beach just before dusk.

This poor excuse for a "nest" is that of the African Black Oystercatcher

A pair of African Black Oystercatchers in the last light of day

We came across this handsome bird along the road between Elands and Velddrif. Can't quite decide what it is though... Just a juvenile Jackal Buzzard, or perhaps something more unusual? (the light eye colour and distinct lack of barring/banding underneath are confusing me and @tamara_jayd)

Steenbok on the West Coast somewhere between Lambert's and Elands

Evicted: This Silver-striped Hawk Moth (?) which decided that after eating all our plants as a caterpillar, it was a good idea to metamorphise into a rocket shaped flying machine and zoom around our house bashing into things at random intervals during the night.

Turn up the volume 🔈 I read somewhere recently that Cicadas are the world's loudest insect. They don't produce the sound by stridulation like other loud insects, but rather with a specialised organ called a timbal which vibrates at some ridiculous frequency. This clip doesn't really do it justice though 🙉

Back to your regularly scheduled programming: unwelcome arachnid catch-and-release 🕷😆

Giant Legless Skink, Kruger National Park

Another very frequently photographed Satara local (Scops Owl), Kruger National Park

Some bats hanging around Satara, Kruger National Park