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Imar Krige  Believer, husband, designer, cat wrangler, business owner, nature enthusiast, covert rebel, scrabble player & inquiring mind… It's complicated.

Saw this bird in Addo two weeks ago. Definitely a shrike but the question is: juvenile Fiscal or maybe a Lesser Grey? Or something else?

Here's to the tall ones! Black-headed Heron (left), Blue Crane (right). Photographed at Addo Elephant National Park two weekends ago.

I was very pleased to get a shot of this lovely Knysna Turaco at Wilderness a couple of days ago!

"Make friends not enemies, and you will always have eyes in the back of your head."

Knew we were in for wet weather when this guy showed up last night… #rainspider

Camp coffee

When you try and roll your dung, but your dung rolls you instead...

Flightless Dung Beetles at Jack's Picnic Site in Addo Elephant National Park

I don't think I've ever found a spider quite like this one before… Certainly a #mygalomorph – perhaps a species of trapdoor spider?

A type of Longhorn Beetle?

An elusive Tahr we spotted during a hike on Table Mountain this weekend! @h_nrepieterse managed to capture these shots using his phone and a pair of binoculars 😮 Legend has it that a pair of these goat-like creatures (native to the Himalayas) escaped from captivity during the 1930s and started a successful breeding population. This invasive species has proven to be destructive to the environment, causing the demise of the indigenous Klipspringer population. In recent years SANParks endeavoured to eradicate the Tahrs by means of culling, but despite all efforts an unknown number of these creatures remain on Table Mountain to this day!

This is a Night-time Back-yard Gecko. Ok I made that up... I think it's actually called a Marbled Leaf-toed Gecko. Weird, that doesn't sound any less made-up?

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