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Imar Krige  Believer, husband, designer, cat wrangler, business owner, nature enthusiast, covert rebel, scrabble player & inquiring mind… It's complicated.

Spitting Spiders (Scytodes thoracica) like to hang out in the dark corners of your house – or in this case office. They secrete sticky venomous silk from their fangs with which they immobilise prey like fishmoths. This makes them handy to keep around, and don't worry, these spiders are slow moving and harmless to humans.

I found another otter this morning, this one was smaller, probably a young one. Feel very lucky to have had two good sightings this week. Starting to get the hang of this otter stalking thing! 😄

Sunset… in the east? Apparently this optical phenomenon is known as anticrepuscular rays – a unique effect caused by the earth's atmosphere, where rays appear opposite the setting (or rising) sun. Spotted this evening by @tamara_jayd!

I have been hoping to catch a picture of a Cape Clawless Otter for ages but I never thought I would be able to get this close. Right place, right time + curious otter = surreal moment!

*Update: Egyptian Vulture or Hooded Vulture? You decide… Some of my trusted sources are convinced of it being an Egyptian, while another believes it to be a young Hooded instead (citing the shape of the wings and length of the tail as diagnostic features). Identifying birds can be very tricky at the best of times, so to be safe I took down my previous post which conclusively identified this bird as a juvenile Egyptian Vulture. 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️😄

A serious bout of flu knocked me and Tamara down and we ended up spending most of the week (including the public holiday) in bed feeling like 💀 Things are looking up though. This evening's sunset is a reminder to stay positive and get right back up! 🙏🏻

Tamara and I were lucky enough to get a nice shot of one of our friendly neighbours earlier this evening. This is the female. Her mate was perched on a higher branch calling with a two toned hu-hooo and she was responding with a three-toned hu-hu-hooo 🦉

On my early morning walk to the beach I encountered at least 15 different species of bird in just a few minutes. This one was a little unexpected – an African Spoonbill 🥄

Always comical end eager to entertain; the Karoo Prinia

White-fronted Plovers always seem to be running away at high speed so I often only manage to get their backs. This one complied with a brief side pose.

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