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Iman Gadzhi  19 Year Old High School Dropout. On A Mission To Reform The Education System. How To Start A Profitable Marketing Agency ⬇️

A couple of weeks ago, I put a mammoth survey to the students of my online school.

I invited them to tell me exactly what they thought of the course, what they’d change, what was missing, and the all-important question: would they recommend it to a friend?

And to make sure they were rewarded for their time, I pledged to give away a specced-up MacBook Pro to one of the students who responded.

The results were incredible: we had just under 300 students provide in-depth feedback on the course.

You might ask why I bothered.

To many people, my online school is nothing more than a cash generator for me. They assume I make all my money flogging courses, and have never actually accomplished anything.

This video doesn’t address those people, they can think what they want. What I hope it does is give an insight to my followers as to why I do what I do.

The truth is, at 19, I’ve achieved a hell of a lot. I have a ridiculously-profitable digital marketing agency, and could, if I wanted, go and live off the profits in some impossibly-glamorous location.

But, and here’s where my online presence helps me. Because I’ve documented almost every second of my life for the past few years, any one can go back through my old videos or posts and hear me declare my mission.

To reform the education system.

It’s a real mission, and it’s one that I currently sacrifice profitability, my time, and all my efforts to.

The honest truth is, if I cared about nothing but money, I’d be focusing on my real cash-generator: my agency.

But I’m working on something much more important... __

Head over to my YouTube and make sure you watch the video to see who gets the laptop haha

One of the biggest limiting beliefs budding agency owners around the world have is: 'Am I too young?' This thought is cancerous.

No matter if something IS true, I believe you should spin it to work in your advantage.

That said, this is an occasion where quite frankly... it works in your favour.

Online marketing is the 8th wonder of the world, business owners far and wide are searching for an answer. They're looking for someone that could help them.

That person is YOU.

If you're young, then you're the young marketing genius. If you're older, you're the guy with experience AND understanding of the modern marketing playing field.

You can't lose in the market, just as long as you have the distinct pleasure of running an online marketing agency.


Just uploaded a video on YouTube about this - check it out

So last week it was actually my mom’s birthday - she turned 42.

I took her to this restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard, a place that took me back to the 1920s and Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby.

My mom, my girlfriend and I shared a bottle of champagne while eating a table full of Oysters, Caviar and other Boujee food that was way too ‘old money’ for me.

Half way through lunch my mom apologised for not being more supportive when I was first starting my business. Everyday I would hear the same thing - ‘Business is no guarantee’, ‘Having a University education is security’ and the one that honestly hurt the most - ‘Why do you have to be so unrealistic?’. She knew that I was right about University being one of the most sickening cash-grab scams out there. She knew that when I started my agency - It was really our only hope. She was just scared. She loved me and like any mother would… just wanted security for me.

Well, there we were just about 2 years later enjoying a £400 lunch laughing about the entire thing - The day after I had to spend yet another £20,000 on her divorce against one of the most insidious men I’ve ever met (My step-dad). If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s this: Your parents and your friends will never understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, put your head down and work your ass off to take care of the people you love. They’ll thank you later, just like my mom did all these years later.

It’s your duty.


Learn how to start a 6-figure business and take care of the ones you love in my free training (link in bio)

Today I thought that I would share one of my favourite proverbs with you: “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” - Sun Tzu

So what should this mean to you?

In this world, we’re all competing - Sometimes it’s against others and sometimes it’s against ourselves.

It’s easy for us to look left and right, see what other people are doing. Compare ourselves to other people.
When we see others doing well, we get dragged into the hype, we experience jealousy. We can start to make short-term decisions.

But that’s not how you win long term.

If you want to win… stay focused on your craft. Put horse blinders. Don’t look around you. Don’t compare yourself. Keep chipping away at your mission, day after day.

You may not win today, but soon enough you’ll see the dead bodies of your enemies and competitors floating by.

I know I’ve had the personal satisfaction of experiencing it. While some other Entrepreneurs around me made short-term decisions, never respected their craft and spent too much time celebrating their success - I sat by the fucking river and watched.

So what should this proverb mean to you?

Stick to one thing and respect the work.

Keep your head down and focus on yourself, only looking up occasionally to watch your competitors die out.

Long term decisions > Short term decisions


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In 2019, everyone is trying to get your attention.

Everyone’s trying to tell you that their thing, their skill is the one you need to have. Whether that’s web-design, chatbot creation, videography, graphic design, copywriting - it’s so important to take a step back and actually assess the skills you need.

Not the skills you need right now in this specific moment, but the skills that will still be serving you in one, five or ten years’ time.

Let’s look at content creation: because that’s my background, I never have to worry about making the next video or hiring a videographer. I have the technical skills to set up a camera, wherever I am in the world, edit it, and get it up on YouTube.

Likewise copywriting or paid traffic - yes I have people in my team to do this for me, but I’ll always be able to do it.

This means that whatever happens, in whichever business, I could always guarantee that as long as my product was good, I could scale and grow quickly.

As an agency owner, you’ll need to consider which evergreen skills you need to develop.

Do you really need to know how to build a chatbot or design a website?

For me, these are skills I’d have to put into practice maybe once or twice every couple of years.

But content creation, copywriting and paid traffic? I have to do these almost daily.

Before you’re enticed by the next ‘must have’ skill, ask yourself two questions:

Is it an evergreen skill?

Will this still serve me in ten years time?

Is it a DIY skill?

If I learn to do this myself, can I save a fortune?

Start stacking those skills.


Watch my latest video on YouTube now

Happy Birthday to Mama Gadzhi!

I love you, thank you for all that you do ❤️

So yesterday I got a package in the mail, it’s from a company called Viome.

It’s an at-home microbiome test. Pretty cool packaging considering you have to take a dump in one of the tubes they provide haha.

Anyways, as I was unwrapping the packaging I started to think… ‘I wonder what their online advertising looks like?’ So…

I went to their Facebook business page, moved my mouse to the bottom of the left-hand column and clicked ‘Info and ads’. Immediately I was able to spy on exactly what images & text Naveen Jain and his team over at Viome where using to attract customers using Facebook advertising.

It was okay… but I definitely know my agency IAG Media could give them a hell of a run for their money, especially after what we were able to accomplish for another health tech client of ours.

The next step… I jotted down some notes and had an audit ready to send them in less than 20 minutes. Now it’s time to just wait on a response from the CMO, keep following up & show them why it’s a win/win if they commit to a quick 20-minute meeting.

If I do all of those successfully, it could be another $10,000/pm+ retainer for my agency (Just service fee). While all this was happening, it got me thinking. How often do we get packages from companies in the mail, how often do we see new stores open on our street, how often does your friend recommend a new restaurant?

These are ALL potential clients.

A marketing agency is like an accountant, every business needs one.

That’s why I keep my eyes peeled online, that’s why I take extra time to see what new businesses in my niche are cropping up, that’s why I feel so lucky to own an agency.

No matter what, there’s potential clients everywhere you look. It’s just time to find sign them.


Interested in creating your own agency?

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I finished reading the Elon Musk biography 3-4 months ago and before reading it I really just knew Elon as the real life Tony Stark.

I knew he'd achieved a lot but I kinda just wrote him off as this celebrity Entrepreneur playboy. Man, I was so wrong.

Elon's biography helped me come to three conclusions:

1. North Star - Your employees will take a pay cut, they'll work longer hour and endure more stress simply because their 110% unequivocally behind your companies mission. Doesn't matter if you have a team of 1 contractor, create a mission for your agency and let that permeate throughout your work ethic & principals.

2. Talent Is Everything - You need to attract & retain incredible talent. The sort of talent that sets you so far apart from your competition, they have no chance in catching up. Then you need to nurture them and let these people have free reign and autonomy.

3. Relentlessness - You have to up the bar for what level of stress & pain you're willing to go through in order to get to where you need to be.


Two things I want you do to: check out my latest YouTube video, and get the Cliff Notes.

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A lot of agency owners take pride in their communication.

They boast that they have weekly meetings with clients, daily calls with their team (If they have one) and that they’re available 24/7.

This is the farthest thing from something you should be proud of.
Communication IS dysfunction.
Communication is one of the biggest signs that there is dysfunction within your agency.
If you want to know why the biggest agencies out there SUCK and why more and more big businesses are moving to boutique agencies like yours and mine.

It’s tonnes of people all running around like headless chickens, trying to COMMUNICATE their way to getting results for clients and growing the company when the only way to grow your agency and get results for clients is to DO THE WORK.

Then there’s this idea that you have to always communicate with the client 24/7.

Why would you report on the fact that you have nothing to report on because you spent too much time reporting that ACTUALLY getting client results?

It’s all truly backwards.

I’ve made it my mission to set things straight and get this industry back in order.


Check out the free training in my bio to learn more

I’ve spent the last 2 months & over 100+ hours working on this new free training for you guys.

I’ll email you over the free audit funnel plug n’ play at the end of the training.

Link in my bio! Hope you guys enjoy.

If you’re starting out in SMMA, you might want to know what a six, or even seven-figure digital marketing agency looks like.
As someone who’s seen their agency hit $90,000+ a month - and also sat there with $0 coming in, I wanted to talk about two aspects of running a seven-figure agency which differ from a six-figure or less agency: service offering and operations.
I won’t say it’s easy to build a six-figure agency - but it’s not difficult, and it’s even possible to do it without finding a niche in your service offering.
When I first hit this figure, I was offering all sorts of services - including social media management, content creation and running ads, to the most diverse set of clients possible.
It was only once I refined my service offering, reducing what I offered, and offering it to fewer people, that I actually moved my agency into the higher echelons of seven figures. I did this by focusing on providing traffic to coaching and e-commerce clients.
Once you have streamlined your service offering, you can quickly begin to transition your operations.
I choose to work with clients which allow me to run a ridiculously-lean team, with just myself, an ads specialist, and a copywriter (who also works for my training business).
The agency can be endlessly-rewarding if entered into correctly - and scaling to seven figures is possible given specialized service offerings and super-tight operations.
Just uploaded a video on YouTube about this. Check it out

Mom’s been going through a pretty stressful divorce so I got her a puppy. He’s a handsome pup.

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