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🥀p o c a h o n t a s  👻Snapchat: imanebatma 📩 batmaiman@gmail.com 18y marrakech 🥀 حسابي الوحيد، لا يوجد اي حساب احتياطي •my official account•


People will say a lot of things.
And you'll start to wonder if they're true. But then! You have to go back to all of those little truths and kernels you found along the way that remind you "you are where you supposed to be."💫

#art 🥀


@maria_nails_123 شغلها ماشاءالله ❤️💅🏻 عجبني و تعاملها رائع👌🏻 📍marrakech

Flowers flowers flowers .

عباية ثانية بيد مريوم ❤️❤️ @hanou_mariam

Every time i close my eyes it's like a dark paradise•

Live fast, die young, be wild, and have fun. 🖤

I believe in the person i want to become.

عبايتي من تصميم @hanou_abayaa الحبيبة 😍 ❤️ و كين مازال انواع اخرى من بعد و انزلها ، شكرا حبيبتي مريوم .

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